India’s Top Business Strategist & Corporate Guru, Hirav Shah termed the Budget as very progressive and forward looking. Shah said that the government has been supporting startups and business innovation for years and the budget also continued to keep the focus sharp. Extension of tax holiday for startups is a welcome step. Yes, the Startup sector is gifted with the Tax Holiday with the extension in eligibility for one more year. The tax exemption on capital gains till March 2022 will push more investments, Says Hirav Shah.

There are a lot of strategies and channels through which you can market your startup. But you need to understand your audience, their behaviour, and the nature of your business, Opines Hirav Shah, Business Adviser and Astro-Strategist.

Startup Marketing is not impossible but you need to be sure before every step because of the limited resources. Only you, however, can consider your background, skills, knowledge, funding possibilities, etc. to determine what kind of small business is most realistic for you to start.
Think differently than others and be creative to get success. And the saying “Winners don’t do different things, Winners do things differently” stands absolutely apt here, Says Shah.

Top Ten Indian Startups

India is ranked in third position globally in terms of startups. The following is the list that shows the most successful startups and their founders:-

1.Ola – Founded By Ankit Bhati and Bhavish Agarwal.
2.Zomato -Founded By Mohit Gupta.
3.Nykaa – Founded By Falguni Nayar.
4.Paytm -Founded By Vijay Shekhar Sharma. – Founded By Mukesh Bansal.
6.Dunzo – Founded By Kabeer Biswas.
7.Oyo Hotels – Founded By Ritesh Agarwal.
8.Flipkart-Founded By Sandeep Bansal and Binny Bansal.
9.Incred -Founded By Bhupinder Singh
10.Policybazaar -Founded By Yashish Dahiya, Avaneesh Nirjar and Alok Bansal

These are just some pearls from the strung of the successful startups in India.

Most Effective Ways Of Startup Marketing

Startups run a very tight ship with limited budgets and marketing at a low cost or no cost becomes more important than ever to survive and play the game.
Below Mentioned are the most effective ways of Startup Marketing keeping this in mind.

1.List your startup in various online directories

There are a huge number of directories that allow free listings of your startup. One google search and you will find a good list.
Post about your startup in various Facebook groups: There are 2 types of groups you should target here
Type 1: Startup Groups – There are a good number of communities around startups online like Startup Delhi, Delhi Startups, Bangalore Startups, Pushstart, Mumbai Startups etc. where you can spread the word among other startup folks.
Type 2: Non Startup Groups – These will be Facebook groups that are popular around your region or most of your target customers might be using these groups (Ex: if you are building something around food, you can join food enthusiasts groups and start a conversation).

2.Be part of Events and Local Meetups

There is so much activity happening offline that includes various events around your area could be startup related or even trade shows, events, local community meetups etc. where you can share about your startup and get potential business leads.

3.Strike Partnerships with Event Organizers

Lot of event organizers are badly looking for sponsors and would love to partner with you if there is a mutual value which can be non monetary (in kind). For Ex: If you are a food startup, you can sponsor tea/snacks and promote your startup into their community.

4.Strike Co-Branding Partnerships with other Startups/ Businesses

Its like a barter system where they can promote/ share your pamphlet or ad to their customer base and you can do it for them, especially if you have a complementing user base. Ex: A delivery startup can also deliver a pamphlet of another startup that could be interested to promote their food startup to the local community.

5.Get into Media/PR

Of Late there are a huge number of online blogs, publications and media houses that are very interested in covering good startups. Start engaging with the reporters and start sharing about your startup. If you have figured out your basics, at least some of them will surely publish about you and that will give you some free reach.

6.Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

Market aggressively and whenever and wherever you get a chance, pitch your product/offering. You never know where you next customer, investor, mentor, employee, co-founder etc are going to come from.

7.Foster relationships with influencers


Influencers are just as important as your customers. They are the people your target audience listens to on a daily basis. Influencers could include hosts of YouTube channels or radio and TV personalities.

Call potential influencers, send emails, offer free products or services. One mention from these high-profile individuals can propel your business startup from literally nothing to a credible and legitimate force.

8.Founder is the first salesman of every startup

The founding team is vitally important to the success of any startup, and indeed, so much so that, Hirav Shah says, the founding team is more important to the success of the startup than the product itself. That’s largely the ethos behind accelerators who back exceptional people and help them turn their intellect into marketable products and successful businesses. A founder’s individual characteristics are important but what’s more important is that person’s ability to bring a bigger and more experienced team with them. In a nutshell, A Founder is the first salesman of every startup, Quotes Hirav Shah.


2021 is a year of heavy planetary transition impacting the stars in a more meaningful way. This will have a deep and abiding influence on Astrological Predictions and hence, it is important to plan your actions according to the cosmic movement with respect to your individual sun sign, Says Hirav Shah.

While it is difficult to foresee the exact future for each startup business, “Today Only ‘Astro-Strategy’ which provides a Strategical, Moral and Astro Strategic support to businessmen, can increase ‘the productivity of startups ’ by 96%,” Concludes Hirav Shah, India’s Leading Astro-Strategist.

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