The journey from start to top is no joke. There are substantial ups and downs, many highs and lows, but a true entrepreneur with a problem-solving mind and visionary approach can touch every milestone in her/his wish list.

Noted Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah says, “Many aspiring entrepreneurs accept that to fabricate a successful company they foremost need to get subsidizing from some venture capitalist or private backer. This “backing” they accept is basic in the event that they need to make an adequate measure of interest in item exploration and advertising.

While there’s no uncertainty that the best startups out there are being financed by venture capitalists, one additionally needs to comprehend that probably the greatest startups in business (some of them are transformed into goliaths presently) were self-subsidized when they began.

Over the long run, VCs began pumping money into them when these self-subsidized organizations accomplished the ultimate success.

Shah adds, “2021 has been a year full of shocks and surprises; while many companies saw a significant rise in their market standing, many fell to dust. However, the constant hustle and the zest of never giving up is what turns a startup into an MNC.

It’s no surprise that people lose hope at times of despair, but it’s not what you should do if you are an entrepreneur. Your only focus should be to make it big.

However, if you are losing hope since times are bleak and need a source of motivation to keep it going, Hirav Shah’s list of startup success stories will inspire you in the best way!

In this blog, Hirav Shah discusses the seven most incredible success stories of Startups that worked super hard and implemented their brilliant ideas to turn their dreams into reality.

These inspiring success stories will sure give you a sense of relief, back you to achieve your goals, and get you moving.
So are you ready?

Let’s get started!


Flipkart india
Trademarks and copyrights held by, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Flipkart is a name known to all. It is a widely known eCommerce website that provides a wide array of products, from healthcare to electronics; there’s nothing you can’t find at Flipkart.

It delivers the ordered product right from the shop to your doorstep. Flipkart gained massive success a few years back since it was one of the first companies to introduce an online market for India’s people. The pioneers of Flipkart, Binny and Sachin Binny Bansal, had both worked with Amazon; hence they came up with a project similar to their organizations’.

Initially, Flipkart was a book market, but as they kept growing, so did their niche. Now they sell almost everything. The brand became such a massive success that it even ended up acquiring Myntra (shopping e-store) in 2014.
Its name currently comes in the top 5 global billion-dollar startups with a net cost of $11 billion as per the reports by Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones VentureSource.


Redbus logo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

redBus was launched in 2016, and in just four years, the company has grown phenomenally. The company works to make travel easy by facilitating the booking of road transports and hotels via the online medium.
The startup’s success is a result of an out-of-the-box idea its founders introduced in the market of making road travel easy for a common man.
The three entrepreneurs and passouts of BITS-Pilani, Charan, Phanindra, and Sudhakar came up with this idea when one of the three friends, Phanindra, could not visit his home for a festival due to the unavailability of a bus ticket.

Even though the trio was working for reputed MNCs, they risked starting something of their own. And with their continuous efforts, they made it big.


Zomato company logo
AwH108, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Zomato has been nothing but a sensation. The brand was launched in 2008, and in just 12 years, it has become one of the most known and globally liked food delivery and restaurant rating platforms.
It currently operates in 19 countries and covers 331200 restaurants around the world.

Many don’t know that it was initially started as; the idea was so good that it gained recognition within two years of its launch in India and went on to attain global recognition in another two years.

The co-founders Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal wanted to bring something of their own into the market. Though they had no funding and rapidly decreasing savings, reliable market research, understanding of their product, and a decisive aptitude helped them sail through all the turmoil.

Rest is history!


HestaBit, just like other companies, started with a big dream in some young minds. The company was just a tech startup back in 2012 but has now become one of the leading mobile app, web app, and website development firms. It creates technology and offers credible resources to other organizations as well, so that many can make their dreams come true.
The three founders, Dipanshu Upadhyay, Harshvardhan Lakhera, and Prashant Gautam, started the company back in their college days with a little uncertainty, some big dreams, and a massive competition.

However, since they moved ahead in time, they not only expanded their business across three countries- the USA, UK, and India, but gained recognition from esteemed organizations like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Gray Group, Singapore.

With brilliant projects to showcase, the company continues to succeed in its niche, giving head-to-head challenges to all its competitors in terms of project quality and experienced resources.

Ola Cabs

A few years back, it would have been totally unimaginable to think that booking cabs would be brought at our fingertips digitally. Thanks to Ola Cabs, it has been made possible to book a taxi within a few minutes and a few bucks.

You can easily open the ola application and book a cab at very pocket-friendly rates. The drivers will contact you themselves and reach your destination. So you don’t have to walk street to street in search of a nice cab, the cab will find you!

The company was pioneered by Ankit Bhati and Bhavish Aggarwal, IIT-B graduates who worked at various MNCs before getting their hands on entrepreneurship.

The idea was out of a bad weekend trip the dua had to encounter. They wanted something that brings comfort and transparency for travellers. And with that aim, they did not just make their own life simple, but also made the travel of billions of people easy.

Make a Difference (MAD)

Make A Difference
Makeadiffindia, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The organization works on the motto- “Don’t Stop BELIEVING!” and aims to provide underprivileged children with facilities. Even Michelle Obama has visited the organization’s office and danced to some tunes with its children.

It has been working for the cause for almost a decade now. The organization works with young leaders to bridge the education inequality gap, and each child can access quality education.

The organization’s idea was initiated when the three founders, Gloria Benny, Jithin C Nedumala, and Sujith Abraham Varkey, visited a Boy’s hostel in Cochin. They saw that each child had dreams, aspirations, and talent but not enough resources. So they started visiting time and again. That’s where they got MAD (not literally); that’s where the seed of a great idea was planted.

The organization runs multiple volunteering programs where people are recruited to teach kids from a backward background. Currently, more than 2100 MAD volunteers are teaching about 5200 children around the world. A lot of organizations have honoured MAD for its successful operations.

Make My Trip

MakeMyTrip Logo
MakeMyTrip, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The innovative businessman and IIM Ahmedabad graduate Deep Kalra founded Make My Trip to revolutionize the travel industry. The company was initially launched for the US market in 2000 to serve the NRIs’ Indo-American trips.

It set its foot in India’s market in 2005 by launching booking for flight tickets.
Within just a few years, MMT got listed in the NASDAQ, and in just a year more, it made three acquisitions and received worldwide appreciation and honourable accolades.

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “An incredible startup IDEA is just the start of a long and glorious journey that will have its good and bad times. The following and most significant advance is to execute this idea in the correct way. Dealing with your finances accurately can have a major effect on its execution.

Take motivation from these successful organizations that were begun as self-subsidized startups and today are making profits in millions!”

These success stories give entrepreneurs a little hope and motivation that the smallest of ideas can also make it big, no matter how competitive the market is.

All you need is the right mix of dedication, innovation, motivation, and decisiveness.

While we have served the motivation part, you will have to amalgamate the three elements left.

These are just some common people who are not so common now just because they took the right decision and steps. So what makes you think you can’t?

Just keep going! All the best!”