A good restaurant is like a vacation; it transports you, and it becomes a lot more than just about the food…

Seems this is a thing of the past.
It must easily be one and half years since most of us have not stepped out to our favourite restaurant to enjoy our favourite meal.

It’s no secret, restaurant and food service businesses in India and many other countries have been devastated by the pandemic.

But not anymore…

Restaurant businesses also need to rise and shine, Says World Famous Astro-Strategist, Hirav Shah.

Hirav Shah Adds

Let bygones be bygones.
Restaurants have to make sure in the post Pandemic world, they need to do it.
The most effective way to do it, ” is to do it ” !

But how?

By Hirav Shah’s 7 fundamental Signature Approach.

Hirav can outline a seven step strategy that will turnaround & transform your restaurant business.

Here, it goes…

1.Project / Business Analysis

GAP- GAP analysis offers an overview of the situation in the restaurant industry, from the point of view of comparing the current reality with desirable possibilities offered at the market.

SWOT- SWOT analysis is a framework Hirav Shah uses, for an unbiased evaluation of a situation, a goal, or an outcome. SWOT analysis for restaurants can uncover the Key to success.

2.Business Formation

Luck and timing can play an important part in the success of a restaurant. But how can you increase the chances of Lady Luck shining in your restaurant every day? It can start with you changing your own thoughts and behaviors to get better results.

Good luck helps to attract good fortune and increase business in restaurants.

If the name of the restaurant and its branding via Logo, Web, Print, Digital Presence becomes auspicious, then it can certainly impact positively on customers, thereby reaping rewards in the future.

Auspicious foundation is definitely one of the factors to succeed in the restaurant industry.

3.Sales Timeline and Estimated Income

As India grapples with how to respond to pandemic second wave, both national chains and independently owned restaurants have to quickly “strategise” to find new ways to serve their communities.

Strategy is the key here.

Having the Astro guidelines of estimated annual or half-yearly income in advance for your service or inventory of product, can pave the way for an assured, positive, hopeful and confident approach towards “strategizing”.

This can help to budget effectively by dividing resources and utilizing them to their full potential.


The restaurant business is one industry that has taken a huge hit again in 2021. But 2020 having prepared them with such adversity, they feel there still is a glimmer of hope to pull through the tough times.

More important is, in the post pandemic scenario, restaurants have to very much depend on establishing the correct “pricing” so asto maximise profits.


The underlying feeling of uncertainty and constant sense of unpredictability during these turbulent times may lead to periods of low productivity and demotivation. For this reason, it is critical to encourage a positive mindset amongst our restaurant workforce by shedding light on the bigger picture and seeing these uncertain times partly as an opportunity to grow.

The show has to go on.
The show will go on…

6.Astro Strategy

The pandemic has forced restaurants to shut down, pivot or adapt. Almost one and half years into the pandemic, nobody knows when the good old days for restaurants will come. But, whenever it comes, what used to work earlier may not work in the new and changed post-Covid-19 world.

Restaurants will have to look for ways to innovate their service, menu and experience.

Hence, Astro-Strategy would be required and only Astro-Strategy can help.

Astro-Strategy can show them a clear path of action. Astro-Strategy can aid transform their businesses, by helping them overcome obstacles, hurdles, odds and challenges at all stages like Launching, Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Diversification, Mergers, Acquisition.


Pandemic has given restaurant owners the opportunity to look back at their own business model and introspect.

What do they do with the product so that they remain true to what the brand stands for and at the same time bring down the cost pressure.

Well, they need a bullet proof plan and through Astro-Strategy, they can get an actionable plan.

Point is, they have to brave all negativity and losses and make all possible efforts to start to act. Not just action, a real “massive” action is needed. A massive action with Astro Strategy will unquestionably help to execute strategies effectively.


Being discouraged by failure is normal, being detained by failure can be toxic. Learn, rise, grow. Never give up.

Yours can be a success story, not just a hope story ” -since today, you have a chance to take Astro-Strategic Advice from the Best in Business.