It’s a situation where one business makes a commercial transaction with another.

B2B standards for business to business, when you work for any client as a vendor and supply products that buyer sales ahead, it is called business to business. Usually, in the business-to-business, companies deals with big amount products and prefer to get high volume product from another company. Therefore, it is more beneficial and profit generated as compared to B2C.

B2B is one of the biggest concepts around the world through which you can make lots of money. But you must know the techniques through which you can get success in the specific market.

As per AstroStrategist Hirav Shah, Mercury, Mars and Venus play very important role while doing commercial transection into Business to Business type of business model. Different industries have different criteria to understand, analyse and making strategies.

Mars planet can be strong key planet for doing online business.

For giving franchise or dealership or distributorship or to do business with people or organisation or companies, Mercury and Venus both planets can be key planets to get benefit out of this.

Venus is also key planet to get success, money, return on investment, materialistic comfort in professional life.

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