Renowned Astro Strategist & Business Astrologer Mr. Hirav Shah has been a veteran in the industry and has been working closely with many of the leading Developers, Infrastructure, and Real Estate giants of India, USA, etc as a Real Estate Strategist and has been actively involved in providing concrete predictions through Real Estate Astrology.

In the field of predicting timeline for “UNSOLD PROPERTIES”, Astro Strategist Hirav Shah is a pioneer. He has been a force behind many successes and working with him has the special advantage of confidentiality.

Hirav Shah says, “The last few years have seen major innovations in the real-estate sector. With the introduction of various reforms, the real estate industry saw the exit of less serious players, leaving the market to the professional builders. Furthermore, builders have strived to innovate by offering homebuyers theme-based projects like – comfort homes, senior homes, kid-centric homes, and more. Buyers can choose from several themes to choose projects that are a perfect match for their lifestyles. Additionally, amenities that enhance the value proposition of the offerings, like smart lighting, 24×7 CCTV surveillance, power back-up, clubhouses, swimming pools, outdoor parks, etc. which were considered a luxury a few years back, have become mainstream now.”

Talking about joint ventures in real estate Hirav Shah tells, “In recent times, joint ventures have become the order of the day in the real estate industry. In order to build up such a venture, the investors and developers join hands to construct a project and the collaboration runs from the inception till the logical end of the project. However, it is not the easiest of the propositions building up successful real estate joint ventures and there are several aspects to take care of. First of all; it is necessary for learning what a real estate joint venture is. “

Features of Real Estate Joint Venture

According to Hirav Shah, “Real estate joint ventures today play a crucial role in the making of large projects. Two aspects of the joint venture are the development and financing of the project. It is based on an agreement between two or more parties combining their resources in the accomplishment of the given task. In the venture, professional expert developers partner with the capital investors to complete the project qualitatively in time. Each of the partners has its role chalked out and has to take care of the responsibility entrusted in the project without overlapping the domain of the other.”

Role of Joint Venture Real Estate Investors

“The basic role played by the joint venture real estate investors is to provide the capital for completing the venture and keeping the cash flow uninterrupted throughout the project. Such investors often own plots of lands on which they want to build up construction works but are constrained due to distance factors or lack of technical expertise. In such a case, the investors join hands and enter into an agreement with an expert developer to complete the project in time when the investors take care of the financial aspect and the developer partner takes care of the physical works,” adds Hirav Shah

Two Components

Hirav states that thus in every real estate joint venture, there are two components. One of them is the real estate investment companies whereas the other one is the developer company. In industry terms, they are called the capital member and operating member respectively. The former is an accomplished financier whereas the latter one is an accomplished developer company. Developers should have the ability and expertise to source, manage, acquire, and develop the project. On the other hand, the capital member contributes a large part of the finance even before the project commences.

Clearly, Defined Limitations is Necessary

In a joint venture, it is absolutely expedient that the role played by each of the partners is clearly demarcated and neither overlaps nor lags behind in playing their respective roles. This is especially important for the build to suit commercial real estate projects as the success of the project is largely dependent on such aspects.

While it is necessary to keep a vigil on the utilization of funds and financial aspects of the project, there should be no undue interference on the part of the capital partner in the task carried out by the real estate development companies that are professional experts in the field. Mutual trust and reliance are vital for any successful real estate joint venture where the partners perform with transparency, dedication, determination, and discipline for the success of the project.

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “The sooner we realize what works for us, the better our growth can be. You need to STRATEGIZE. You need the TIMING to be right. You need ASTROLOGY on your side besides all the help from the technology and internet!”

A one-on-one discussion and advice from Astro Strategist Hirav Shah will enlighten you about the aspects that are specific to your project.