Singers or live performers can easily achieve fame and success with luck by their side. Read on to know how astrologists can make a difference through their strategic information.

Planets affect your musical ability

According to Astro-Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah, the placement of planets influence your career as a live performer or a singer and the success associated with it.

Mercury- Known for intellect, a strong Mercury in your zodiac can help you to master any skill.

Venus-  This is a very artistic planet, and its position in your horoscope represents how creative you are. As music involves innovation, strengthening this planet can help you gain success.

Jupiter- Known as the planet of wisdom, Jupiter helps you to find a spiritual connection via music.

Moon- A well-placed Moon in the horoscope indicates that it is ruled by Venus. This is a key sign that you will have a melodious voice.

Rahu- If your horoscope has a strong Rahu, you will have the power to grasp western instruments and music.

Impact of Bhavas

Apart from the planets, there are houses or Bhavas that affect the musical skill of an individual. For instance, the 3rd house governs the throat. If this house is connected with Venus, it indicates that a person is a gifted singer. To rule the musical world, singers, musicians and live performers need to reinforce the planets and houses in their chart.

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