“From a rough day at the office to a bad breakup, we all can relate to the power that motivational quotes can have on our state of mind. We are most open to change when we feel change is needed. So, we scour the internet when we have had a hard day to find that perfect pick-me-up quote to feel just a bit better. Once we locate the perfect quote, we are filled with inspiration and motivation and may have the courage to take on the world. Then tomorrow comes and that powerful, motivational quote we found, is forgotten. Until the next bad day comes and we repeat the cycle” says, Celebrated Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah

There have been plenty of quotes that have motivated millions. Some lines are timeless and are read repeatedly, while some motivational quotes are not known to the majority but still hold close meaning to those who have heard it. A motivational quote has the power to do more than most people will ever understand until they have heard one that means something to them. Here, Hirav Shah explains the power that a single inspirational quote can have.


All you need to do is look at the reaction a certain quote has had to see the power of just a single line. Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I have a dream’ speech was full of quotes that are reused today for motivation. Furthermore, quotes from Winston Churchill like “we are still the masters of our fate. We are still captains of our souls,” have inspired countless amounts of people to do things that they thought they could not. The power behind these quotes and quotes like this has inspired people to perform in ways that they did not think were possible.

Rewrite the Mind

A quote can have the power to overwrite the thoughts of the mind even if it is only temporarily. This is why sportsmen and women often listen to motivational quotes before an event, or why companies buy motivational posters with quotes that mean something to the goals of their company. To rewrite your mind you need to teach yourself that what you believe is not the truth and that the motivational quote you are using is right. This is quite possibly the quickest way to rewrite the beliefs of the mind.

The power that a motivational quote can have on the mind is often instant, but the real impact of the quote will take time to settle in the mind. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more time to overwrite a negative thought than it does for it to affect you. Therefore, constantly reminding yourself of the motivational quote is the only way for it to take effect over time.


From athletes to those who work a ‘normal’ office role, motivation plays a big role in how each day pans out. It is an undeniable fact that two equally skilled people with all the same characteristics in the same role will only be able to be divided by the level of motivation that they bring to the job. The right motivational quote can really help those who need inspiration, and the effects of these quotes have unquestionably inspired certain people onto great things.

Hirav Shah Ji wraps it up by saying, “The power that a single quote can have on an individual can be astonishing. In fact, the power of a quote can inspire those that hear them onto their own greatness. With this being said, the amount anyone quote affects a person depends on the amount that they let it affect them. However, one thing is for sure, over time a certain powerful quote, reinforced with a motivational poster will affect the way a person acts for the better.”

“We all have the power to become leaders and innovators. So, I charge you to find a motivational quote and live it. Instead of waking up tomorrow, when you have forgotten why you needed a little boost of motivation, find a phrase to make yourself better, brighter, or more influential and live that quote. You may be surprised by whom you will inspire to quote you. Excelsior!”