While the entire world is fighting for climate change then India also has taken a few steps to improve the situation. It has been proved that our biggest enemy is plastic, as it is a non-degradable element and extremely harmful and carcinogenic for humans and animals. So the PM of the country, Narendra Modi has taken the step to fulfill the dream of our ‘Father of the Nation’ of ‘Clean India’. It is only possible by taking one step at a time and the first step is to ban the usage of plastic. In the beginning stage, this step will create a little tough time for the people who are related to the plastic industry as the product is being used drastically in this country.

We recently caught up with the world-famous Business Astrologer cum Astro Strategist Mr. Hirav Shah to shed some light on the various types of businesses that can flourish after the usage of Plastic got banned in the country.

Hirav Shah says, “There are people who are associated with plastic trading and they might feel like losing a job. In this blog, I will try to help them to deal with the situation; as, the article will give a few ideas for alternative business. It is essential to recycle products, and the article will give you some ideas to recycle the banned plastics so that people associated with this do not fall into difficulties.”

What are Restricted Single-Use Plastics?

You need to know about the restrictions so that you can find the alternatives and the facts are given below.

  1. The central government has put a list of plastic products and the type of plastic products is PET or PETE bottles that are used for drinking water. The PET bottle that is under 200ml is banned.
  2. The mineral water pouches that are made of plastic.
  3. The plastic bags that are being used in the local markets.
  4. There are products like dishes, cups, plates, spoons, forks, bowls, containers, etc. that are made of polystyrene.
  5. The plastic that is being used for packing foods in the hotels and plastic straws that are extensively used in the market.
  6. There is plastic in the decorative items, and the government has put a restriction on plastic as well.

What could be the replacement of the single-use plastic?

There is always a better alternative and you need to embrace the alternative in order to save the environment. Here are some alternatives that you can replace with plastic.

  • As there is a ban on a 200 ml plastic bottle and you need a small bottle because it is easy to carry, so you can use a steel bottle, ceramic bottle, or clay bottle for carrying water with you. There are bottles made of multi-coated plastic or plant-based plastic that will be not that harmful both for your health and the environment.
  • When it comes to using the bag, the market you can opt for bags you can reuse your old bags for carrying goods in the market. You can use the bags made of cloth, jute, a canvas that will replace plastic bags. This will help to replace the single-use plastic bag in the market.
  • Instead of plastic made plates, glasses, bowls, and spoon you can use wooden or ceramic made plates and other things. You can even use stainless steel utensils that will help to replace the plastic usage.

New business opportunities to earn money

The article has given ideas regarding how you can avoid the usage of plastic. It is important to reduce the usage of single-use plastic and the replacements are pretty good. But, those of you earn money through producing plastic products require alternative business ideas so that your earning does not stop. Here are some ideas that may help you to start an alternative business that will help you to meet your need.

The business of manufacturing multi-coded plastic bottles

Even though one-time-use plastic is banned but there are other forms of plastic and they are not that harmful and cannot be destroyed after one use. So you can start manufacturing that kind of plastic product. If you start producing a multi-coated plastic bottle then you can earn some lucrative amount of money. If you already have a plastic factory where you used to produce single-use plastic bags and bottles you can start a new business in that same factory. This will help to reduce the investment in your business as well.

Porcelain Business

As single-use plastic is facing a ban so there is a huge opportunity for other products. People will incline to buy porcelain products and if you are a potter then it will be a lucrative opportunity for you to start a business where you will be making porcelain products. And it can be predicted that if you start this business you will be benefited as the demand will increase gradually.

Producing sustainable paper cups and glasses – Sustainability is very important when it comes to saving the environment. If you are associated with plastic made products like plates, glass, spoon, etc. then you need to start producing paper made products as they will be much more disposable and will not pollute the environment. After the plastic ban, it will be a good opportunity for you to keep running the business as it will help to generate profit as well.

Using the plant resources to make crockery

It will be another lucrative business idea amidst the plastic ban. You will be able to earn money through it. It is one of the best unconventional business ideas as well. There are several people who are becoming vegan nowadays and this is the reason there is a chance of earning money and the product will be good as well. You will be able to produce Chovela, Banana, Peepal, Dona Pattal, glass, and spoon, etc. This kind of business will be considered as a micro-investment and not only the products that are being made will be disposable and it will not harm the environment either. So, without being worried you can easily start a business.

Making wooden utensils

The best way to avoid plastic is by inclining towards biodegradable products like wooden utensils. The wooden utensils are not for one time use and you can manufacture them and sell them. You can make wooden plates, bowls, spoons, dishes, and many more. As the wooden utensils are easily reusable so people will spend money to buy it and use it even on a regular basis. So you do not have to worry about your business’s profit or loss as you will be able to earn a decent amount of money by making it.

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The business of giving steel utensils on rent

When an event happens then a large number of people are invited at that event. So normally catering guys serve food on plastic plates and later those non-biodegradable products pollute the environment. So now when plastic is a ban you can start a business to rent steel utensils as it would be a good business. The investment for the business will be one time and you can run the business for many years as stainless steel does not decay and you can continue to give them on rent.

The business of making biodegradable plastic bags

Nothing can be the best replacement of one time use plastic bag than biodegradable plastic bags. There are plastics in the market that you need to recycle as plastic, in general, does not dispose of faster like any other organic product. If you are already related to plastic bag making that is one-time use then you can start making biodegradable plastic bags in the same factory. This is a profitable way to earn money as this business will not face any ban in the future. If you want to start the business you need to invest in raw materials.

The business of making reusable bags

Apart from biodegradable plastic bags you can start a business like reusable bags that will be good for the environment. There is a high demand for reusable bags in the market so you start a business of it and manufacture reusable bags in different designs and different colors. You need to invest little money to buy raw materials for it.

The business of the product used for packaging

As there is the usage of plastics in the food packing industry so you can produce alternatives that will help to replace that. You can start producing disposable bowls and many more containers that will replace the low quality plastic containers. If you start this business you will get orders from restaurants and hotels and soon your business will become a thriving one.

The business of colored paper skirting used for decoration

As it was said earlier that decoration requires a lot of plastic and the government has put a ban on it; so, you can start making paper cuttings that will be used for decorating purposes. The paper cuttings will not look bad at all as there will be different colors and after the event, the product will not contaminate the soil and water. If you start this business it will become successful as several people will start using it.


Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “With this initiative taken by the government, new employment opportunities are expected to increase for the people. So if you are also looking for employment, then start any of these businesses and within a few days, you will start earning. And by doing this you will be able to take part in the government’s mission to save the climate. If you follow the above-mentioned tips then it will be easier for you to find an alternative business.”

Hirav Shah adds, “Starting your own business may sound like a dream, but I’m telling you, it is possible! You just need to follow the right advice and make the right decisions.

Don’t spend your whole life wondering if you could have done it…Instead just do it! Start by learning more.

I promise you, there is nothing better than being your own boss and building a highly successful business you can be proud of!”

“As Shah Rukh Khan says, “Koi Dhanda Chota ya Bada Nahin Hota.. Soch Badi Honi Chahiye!”