In this pandemic time, we see that all things transfer from offline platforms to online platforms. This is not because of the trend but this is mandatory if anyone wants to survive they have to change their way and method to work. Now most of the company’s employees are doing their work from home. If we say this in the service industry then this method is also working there. That’s why the marketing method is also changed now. Each and every entrepreneur is focussing on digital marketing rather than doing physical marketing. All businesses and services can make changes in their strategy regarding the marketing of their business.” says Business Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

According to Hirav Shah, you can get more calls and leads for your startup business with the following methods.

1. Create your website

The first step to go from offline to online is to make your website, which is an absolute must in these challenging times. When a person has a shop then only limited clients or customers visit his shop but when he opens an online store and starts delivery their product and services. Then there is an unlimited customer he can get. Launching a website involves these steps:

A. Buy a Domain Name: Before making a website it is necessary to buy a domain that is the URL of your website. It can be your online shop name so be very cautious while purchasing a domain name. It must be short, relatable, and simple with good recall value. This can be your brand in the future. It can be purchased online. Many companies provide online domain names like Reseller clubs, Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. Cost is also not too expensive as comes around Rs. 500-1000 for a year which must be renewed yearly.

B. Hosting for Website: After a domain is bought, the next step is to get hosting. Hosting means maintaining a webspace where worldwide your website can run. Hiring any web developer to get help for website designing and development or domain hosting will serve the purpose. Many companies provide website services like UrbanClap and others, etc.

C. Website designing and development: After getting the domain and hosting you can make a website. Many firms provide website builders through that you can make a website or can take help from any professional help.

2. Social Media Marketing

Thousands of websites available in Google for the same business. So after having a website it is very difficult to get calls, leads, and business. A website is useless until and unless it has marketing. Social Media Marketing is a free marketing tool. Anyone can advertise their business website on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are also many packages available to promote your business through these media platforms. It is a very fast way to get a lead. Any customer who requires your product or services they can call or make an enquire. You can respond to them. Like if you are an air conditioner machine repair services provider and you have a website and you made a social media post on any platform where you put your website link. When someone needs your services they can click your website or make a call to you. You can go to their home to repair their machine or ask them to come to your workplace. This is the way to get the calls and leads for your startup business.

3. Google Ads

Anyone can put their ads on google after launching a website. Google charge to provide leads and calls. Actually, Google charges on a click basis. Whether you get calls or leads or not. If anyone clicks on your ads google charges on a per-click basis. This is a very flexible method of advertisement. You can put your location and bid strategy. You can spend as much as you can want to get calls for your washing machine repair website business. Here your ads can come on first on the same day your webpage is made. But you have to pay accordingly.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a very popular method to promote your business but it is very slow too. In organic search thousands of websites are available for a single search. It is very difficult to get top 10 rankings in this competitive world. But once you are on the first page there is no limitation. You can get hundreds of calls and leads for your business in a short period of time.

Hirav Shah wraps it up saying, “Give these methods a try. I would love to hear your comments and feedback as you get going with this approach. You do not need fancy ad campaigns and neither, most certainly, you need to spend a lot of money, if you want to get some qualified leads quickly. A targeted piece of content towards a targeted and popular LinkedIn or any Facebook group will do wonders in terms of generating calls and leads.”