Who Is A Life Coach?

Coaching is the art & practice of guiding a person or group from ‘where they are now’ to ‘where they can be & want to be’. Coaching is all about unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth in their desired area.

Coaching aims at Transformation, unlike most of the other development avenues like training which mainly focuses on imparting external knowledge to induce some change.

A life coach is someone that looks to empower others by helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives.They are like a supportive friend and a trusted adviser rolled into one.

And in Hirav Shah’s words- A life coach is a catalyst who can help people spark extraordinary results.

Hirav Shah as we all know is India’s most trusted Astro-Business Strategist, Business Coach, Corporate Guru and Adviser.

What Does A Life Coach Do?

Well, we will discuss that in a bit, but first this.
As we all know Hirav Shah is an accomplished Corporate Coach and Astro-Business Strategist whose opinions, analysis and answers have made many struggling businesses and people reach out to their next level, and therefore he can be easily called a great life coach, right !!

Yes, very much, since he has been instrumental in the prosperity and progress of numerous businesses and businessmen.

So, as per the man himself, Hirav Shah – Life Coaching is essentially a series of powerful & intense conversations between a coach & a Coachee, wherein the coach uses a systematic step-by-step process involving critical questioning & active listening, enabling the coachee to get clarity around “what he or she actually wants” and then, together, developing an action plan to achieve it, followed by actively supporting Coachee in overcoming any obstacles in the way to achieve his or her goals.

Let us also understand, what the Life Coach is “NOT” about & what Life Coach “IS” about…Life coach is NOT an Adviser or Consultant or a Therapist, Avers Shah.

A Life Coach is an Extensively Trained, Skillful & Knowledgeable person with specialized Tools & Techniques who assists you in looking at a bigger & holistic picture & then collaborates with you in exploring specific solutions for your life.

Life Coach supports you, motivates you, & offers you fact based feed forward while believing in your abilities to meet the goals you have set for yourself. He helps someone go from where they are, to where they want to be faster and/or easier than they otherwise would.

Meanwhile, all kinds of people use life coaches, including actors, business leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, executives, homemakers, managers, professionals, small business owners and start-up pioneers. Hugely successful public figures from Oprah Winfrey to Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio and Hugh Jackman to Bill Gates all work extensively with A Life Coach.

How Can A Life Coach Help You?

We are drowning in a sea of overwhelm. Burdened by our massive to-do lists and stifled by the requisite needs of familial, career and business obligations, it’s quite easy to see why we tend to veer off track. And with each passing day, it seems like we get further and further away from our goals, rather than closer and closer to them.

That’s when A Life Coach comes into the picture.

Only a life coach can assist and support you to maximize your potential in any area, by helping you in

  • Overcoming fears & doubts
  • Recognizing limiting beliefs.
  • Identifying goals and defining a vision for success.
  • Starting a new business or growing an existing one.
  • Fostering more powerful connections professionally and personally.
  • Creating professional and personal growth plans.
  • Working toward financial independence.
  • Obtaining work/life balance.
  • Learning to articulate more succinctly and effectively.
  • Developing relationships and communication skills.
  • Getting promotions.
  • Achieving weight loss and/or fitness goals.
  • Managing an important life or business transition.

Final Words

An expert life coach will lead the discovery process and support you in re-organizing around a larger sense of self as you prepare for a new passage of your life.

Because a coach is on your side in this exploration, they can ask powerful questions that break through your old defenses. When you learn to be curious about your life, you will become more willing to look in the dark places and take on challenges with confidence that once seemed scary.

All in all, A Life Coach Will Help You Evaluate The True Worth Of Yourself, Thereby Resulting In Extraordinary Outcomes, Concludes Hirav Shah.