Improve Salon Business

While running a successful salon, your topmost priority would be to find new ways that can enhance your salon clientele and reputation. Meanwhile, salon success is not only about your creativity and skills, but it is also about offering your visitors an experience that is in line with your brand positioning. Some of Hirav Shah’s followers are from the fashion industry and run Salon Business. Many of them wanted Hirav Shah Ji to share some tips and guidelines to improve their Salon Business.

Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah, in this blog, shares some tips and tricks to improve Salon Business.

Hirav Shah says, “While many stylists-turned-salon owners do ‘okay’ running their own shops, their salons could be doing much better if they took the time to really invest in the mechanics of the business.”

“As far as the technological solutions are concerned, point of sale systems make sure your salons can take benefit of it based on its needs.”

There’s always room for the business to improve and can easily work out ways that will take your salon business to the next level.

6 ways can effectively grow your salon business:

1. Try to Upsell your Existing Customers

One of the best ways to improve your business is by working on your existing clients. As you have already made them your clients, now is the time to take full benefit of this captive audience now. Besides, by upselling your clients to more high-priced products and services, you will be making an existing market to make more money per individual without spending more.

In order to do so, you will have to have to work on your short pitch for a product or service to make your clients interested. This will not only help in creating a bonus sale today but also several more in the future.

2. Invest in your Staff

It is really important to know while running a salon business that your clients choose your salon because of the professionals you hired and they’ll likely go anywhere if he/she moves on. That is why; it will really work out for you in the future if you invest in your staff.

Your staff is your asset as they are the reason for creating the experience for your clients. Besides, they are selling your products and help your business flourish by leaps and bounds. That is why; you should reward them for their better performance.

Although most of the working staff at a salon don’t require that much stress, they still should have a healthy balance like employees working in other industries. Your priority should be to reward them for the dedication and hard work.

3. Learn from the Best in the Business

While giving your mind free rein, you will hopefully give some great ideas for enhancing your client’s salon experience. You need to observe what others in the salon business are trying to create something special for their clients and combine your exciting ideas with it.

Book in as a client as incognito at the successful salon in the industry that you can find. It will be worth your time and money. Don’t hold back but instead choose the best. Try to make the most of your visit by watching, listening, and carefully observing. Meanwhile, ask discreet questions and learn.

4. Ask for Customer Feedback

One of the best ways to improve your salon business is by conducting a survey. It would help you a lot in finding out what your clients want and also, what it is that brings them to your salon, and what they won’t care about. There can be various ways to do that and either conduct surveys informally or you can send out an email survey to your whole customer base. Once you are done getting feedback, make sure that you act on it, and let your customers know how much you appreciate them. Take your time for completing the survey and what will be your strategy for the future.

In a nutshell, the good thing about asking for customer feedback is that you learn exactly what your clients want and make your customers feel great as you want their opinion.

5. Use Specialty POS for your Salon

The best part about an up-to-the-minute point of sale solutions is that not only the appointment booking but also online booking can easily be integrated with the till system. Besides, you can easily assign staff scheduling to line up with bookings. It will also help you in figuring out commissions that can be associated with individual employees in connection with the services they book.

When it comes to prepayment, it will let you collect a down payment while booking service and thus preventing a lost business from no-shows.

6. Take the help of Astrology

Success in Business – Certain inborn qualities reflected by astrological indications reveal the ease and level of success one may get in any business pursuit. It is better to consult a Business Astrologer™ who can suggest Business strategies based on your horoscope, movement of the planets, and the traits of your business which will add fuel in achieving success in your business rapidly.

Hirav Shah says, “In order for your salon to succeed, we choose combining business Astrology with SWOT Analysis. And you constantly need to build its best aspects (customer service, product offerings, and marketing) in order to carve out your market share. Identify the things that aren’t working (outdated scheduling template, improper/broken equipment, outdated products), and fix or eliminate them.

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