In order to maintain physical and mental health, playing games should be practised as our daily activity, opinions reputed business and Astro strategist Hirav Shah.

To overcome life challenges and emerge as a successful person, games play a vital role says Hirav Shah.

Different kind of games/sports

Games are of two types. While a few are termed as indoor games, others are being called as Outdoor sports.

By playing indoor games like cards, chess, ludo and others improve your mental health and will be helpful to polish brain functionality.

The tricks which you use in playing the above-mentioned mind game will surely help you to face the hard times in personal life, says Hirav Shah.

To overcome difficult times and make a balance in life, games come as great stress busters.

Especially for students, who are facing fear and tense situations during exams, playing indoor games like chess, Ludo will surely help to deal with the panicking problems and improve IQ levels.

Coming to outdoor sports, games, in our country Hockey, Kabaddi, Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Tennis are widely popular.

By playing outdoor games, the physical activity in students improves and helps for a balanced development of the body as well as the mind.

Some more games like races, Weight-lifting, Throws will also be helpful for the growth of physical and mental strength of a child/person.

Business and Astro strategist Hirav Shah also says that the education of a student is incomplete without games as playing sports/games provide recreation for the students.

To have a cheerful and positive mindset throughout the day, games really help and provokes fresh thinking in each individual.

Games also help us to take the win or defeat situation equally and enhances positive attitude in students, says Hirav Shah.

Most importantly, games teach good qualities like self-discipline, the importance of team effort, patience to handle the circumstances and to maintain punctuality in every work we do.

If a student can handle the pressure and emerges victorious being self-disciplined and maintaining good coordination with the team members while playing a sport then he/she will surely prove his/her mettle and skill in the personal life too, says Hirav Shah.

According to Hirav Shah’s perception, playing games is not only meant for children but also equally important for adults to overcome work stress and keep mind and heart-healthy.

By playing games, physical activity develops which is very much needed for working men/women to face daily challenges at the workplace.

For middle-aged people or senior citizens, playing games like Tennis improves their health and reduces the cause of diseases like the heart- attacks which have become a normal thing in today’s lifestyle.

To conclude, business and Astro strategist Hirav Shah says that playing games is a good practice to improve the physical and mental activity for all age groups and recommends to make playing games as a daily activity to emerge as a successful and inspirational personality and to reduce the risk of health issues.