NRIs, after having spent quite some time abroad, are willing to come back to India thinking of lucrative investment options here in the country.

But will there be any decent returns !
Will the outcomes be fruitful?

On that note, Mr. Hirav Shah, the Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer™, who is India’s top influencer and adviser, in the fields of Corporate Businesses, Politics, Sports, Entertainment industry, Tourism and Hospitality, Real Estate sector and many other areas, with his extraordinary insights in business and command over astrology, quotes
Constant opacity and uncertainty have been underwhelming, and there is a need of CLARITY to withstand these trying times and
ASTROLOGY is the only TOOL to know things in advance, before taking any massive action like investments etc…

Now, let’s talk about favourable investment options for NRIs here in India.

1. NRE fixed deposits

Non-Resident External or NRE Account can be a Savings, Recurring or Fixed Deposit Account where NRIs can deposit their foreign currencies which are remitted to an Indian Account. An NRE account is held in Indian Rupees and is completely tax-free in India.

2. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds give good returns with great diversification and reduce risks. The great benefit of mutual funds is there are plenty of choices available. There are multiple mutual funds available for blue chip, mid cap, small cap, large cap, dividend yielding, high risk, low risk, bond based etc…

3. Gold

As the largest economies in the world seek to borrow record sums to stimulate their economies out of this crisis and in the process further add to their already unsustainable debt piles, the one asset which might unmistakably benefit disproportionately is, GOLD ! The market trend with respect to gold in India makes it a premium investing opportunity for NRIs. NRIs from all over the globe can invest in gold and might benefit from the exponential growth in its rate, over the years.

The point to be noted here is,each of the above mentioned investments are undoubtedly subjected to market risks.
So,is there a way now for NRIs to get certainty and clarity, on their investments ?
Yes, and a Resounding Yes !


Hirav Shah, Country’s Top Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer™ asserts something HISTORIC here !

As an NRI (Non-Resident Indian), there are several investment options available in India that you can consider. Some of the best investment options for NRIs in India are:

Fixed Deposits (FDs) – FDs are a popular investment option for NRIs as they offer a fixed rate of interest and are considered low-risk. Banks in India offer NRI-specific FDs, and the interest earned is tax-free.

Mutual Funds – Mutual funds are a popular investment option in India as they offer higher returns than traditional investments like FDs. NRIs can invest in mutual funds in India through the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS).

Real Estate – Real estate is a popular investment option in India as property prices tend to appreciate over time. NRIs can invest in real estate in India through direct investment or by investing in real estate mutual funds.

National Pension System (NPS) – NPS is a government-sponsored retirement savings scheme that offers tax benefits and a choice of investment options. NRIs can invest in NPS and get tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Stocks – NRIs can invest in stocks listed on the Indian stock exchanges through the PIS. However, it is essential to note that the investment in stocks comes with high risk and volatility.

Bonds – NRIs can also invest in Indian government bonds and corporate bonds through the PIS. Bonds are considered low-risk investments and offer regular interest payments.

Before investing in any of the above options, it is essential to consult a financial adviser and understand the tax implications for NRIs.