2022 is the year, where real estate investors should prefer to invest in land and plots, simply because over the mid to long-term, there are better chances of getting a higher yield.

However, here, India’s Top Real Estate Strategist Hirav Shah explains why an investment in plotted developments in Hyderabad may be a very smart move in 2022.


1. Higher Returns in Hyderabad Real Estate

Price appreciation is a must from investment in plots, in Hyderabad.
A plot will yield higher returns in the mid to long term, unlike apartments or villas.

And, the investment should be in a strategic location in Hyderabad. This is one of the prerequisites to ensure good appreciation. There are better chances of ensuring good returns on investment if there are multiple indicators for potential development in a particular location.

2. Affordability in Hyderabad Real Estate

Affordability of plots is a big factor in Hyderabad.

Starting price for investing in plots is not very costly. In other words, Plots are not very expensive as compared to other property types, in Hyderabad.

Obviously, it depends on the plot size and the exact location. However, the best part is, if you are a first-time real estate investor, it will prove rewarding to invest early on in the development cycle of a particular region.

Top Sites For Investment In Plots

1.Narsingi Real Estate

Its accessibility to the job hubs of Hitec City and Gachibowli is one of the best things about Narsingi.

In either of these locations or in areas adjacent to it, if you are a working professional, Narsingi may just be a great option for you for plot investments.

2.Chandanagar Real Estate

Chandanagar is a mature real estate market. It’s connectivity via the national highway, the Chandanagar railway station and Miyapur metro station, is also an added advantage. Affordability is what pulls people here to invest in land here.

Business districts of Gachibowli and Hitec City are also close. So what are you waiting for !!

3.Manikonda Real Estate

Given that the area has witnessed many infrastructure developments, such as the Nehru Outer Ring Road and resultant connectivity to Hitec City, the airport, the Games village and IT companies obviously, an investment in plots here will be a prudent decision.

So, you have just got the top sites for investment in plots in Hyderabad and let 2022 be that year, where you invest in these places-Opines Hirav Shah, The Most Sought-After Strategist Of The Real Estate World.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the investment should be in a strategic location. This is the main criteria to consider while investing in plots in Hyderabad.
Only if you can gauge the market well, your investment will certainly work.

Since time immemorial, land or plots have been a good old favorite among investors. If you have a piece of land, it can be used as an asset, also of course investment.

If you are looking for the top cities in India for Land Investment in 2022, then Hyderabad can 100 percent be one of them-Concludes Legendary Real Estate Advisor and Strategist, Hirav Shah.