Financial, banking and insurance industries are the major money rotational sources in our country. Through each individual has its own channel and set of customers, coming to the revenue-generating aspects, all the three are interlinked with each other and Considering the advantages in all three sectors, merger deal between the three industries will yield good results says business Astrologer and Astro strategist, Hirav Shah.

What is merging?

A merger is an official agreement between two or more existing companies/platforms to develop into a brand new entity to expand the reach and gain more value in the market. The consolidation of various entities usually happens with a strategic plan to throw a tough challenge to the other leading companies/organizations in the market.

Financial services

Financial services are the economic services provided by the finance industry which is a collaboration of a broad range of businesses that manage money inflows, banks, credit card companies and government and individual sponsored units.

Banking industry

The banking industry is a medium which Handle’s all financial transactions including cash, credit and provides security for cash and property.

Banks even offer savings accounts to the customers and collect cash which will be used to give loans to other customers.

Insurance industry

Made up of a set of companies, the Insurance industry offers risk management in the form of insurance contracts. The basic theme of insurance is that if any uncertain incident happens in the future, it will guarantee payment for the policyholder or his family, who act as the nominee for the policy.

The financial, banking and insurance industries in India

Often referred to as a diversified sector, the financial industry is undergoing massive expansion in the form of strong growth of existing financial services firms and new entities venturing into the market.

The sector is a joint collection of insurance companies, commercial banks, non-banking financial companies, co-operatives, pension and mutual funds among other financial entities.

A new type of entities like payment banks came into usage recently with which the rapid growth is being seen in the sector. The government of India in association with the Reserve Bank of India announced financial access to Micro, small and medium enterprises.

The launch of Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for the small and medium businesses and setting up a Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency is also yielding fruitful results, says Hirav Shah

How about a merger deal between financial, banking and insurance industries?

As all the three sectors banking, financial and insurance are interlinked with each in terms of financial transactions and digitalization aspects, going ahead with an official merger deal between the three massive revenue-generating sectors will emerge as a game-changer in various ways, opinions Hirav Shah

1. Increased Efficiency

A merger between the financial, banking, and insurance industries could lead to increased efficiency in operations. By combining resources and streamlining processes, companies can eliminate redundancies and reduce costs. This could result in better services for customers and improved profitability for the merged entity.

2. Diversification of Services

A merger between these industries would allow for the diversification of services offered to customers. For example, a bank could offer insurance products, while an insurance company could provide banking services. This would create a one-stop-shop for customers, making it more convenient and potentially attracting new clients.

3. Enhanced Risk Management

The financial, banking, and insurance industries all deal with various types of risks. By merging these industries, companies can pool their expertise and resources to better manage and mitigate risks. This could lead to more robust risk management strategies and ultimately, a more stable and secure financial system.

4. Innovation and Technological Advancements

Merging these industries would also foster innovation and technological advancements. With access to a wider range of resources and expertise, companies could invest in research and development to create new and improved products and services. This could lead to advancements in areas such as digital banking, online insurance platforms, and more efficient financial systems.

5. Increased Competition

A merger between these industries would create larger and more powerful entities, which could increase competition in the market. This could benefit consumers by driving down prices, improving customer service, and encouraging innovation. Increased competition could also lead to better regulation and oversight of the industry, ensuring fair practices and protecting consumers.

6. Global Expansion Opportunities

A merger between the financial, banking, and insurance industries could open up opportunities for global expansion. With combined resources and expertise, companies could enter new markets and expand their reach. This could lead to increased profitability and growth for the merged entity, as well as increased access to financial services for individuals and businesses worldwide.

7. Job Creation and Economic Growth

A merger between these industries could potentially lead to job creation and economic growth. As companies expand and diversify their services, they may need to hire additional staff to support their operations. This could create new job opportunities and contribute to the overall growth of the economy.


In conclusion, a merger between the financial, banking, and insurance industries could bring numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, diversification of services, enhanced risk management, innovation and technological advancements, increased competition, global expansion opportunities, and job creation. However, it is important to carefully consider the potential challenges and regulatory implications of such a merger to ensure a successful integration and long-term sustainability.

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