The future has a history

The pandemic triggered the health and humanitarian crisis, along with making businesses face unprecedented challenges in the form of increased uncertainty.
Now, what if there is another crisis for business.
Who knew about future years?
Hence, we ponder !!
Shall business leaders, owners and the biggest players in trade be able to respond and lead..

Yes and a Resounding Yes, Says Hirav Shah, Leading Business Astrologer.
You just need to focus on the below-mentioned points and implement, Says Shah.

Activities That Help Leaders Manage a Crisis

1. Assess and alter your business goals.

A crisis means both opportunity and change. A strong business leader learns how to reevaluate business goals in light of the current reality. Some things may have to be put off or even let go of altogether. However, new opportunities may also present themselves as a result of a crisis. An agile leader learns how to pivot quickly.

To develop your flexibility and responsiveness, practice evaluating choices quickly from various stakeholder perspectives. Think about what’s best for your business, your employees, yourself, your investors, your customers and others.

2. Character Traits

What specific qualities and traits do strong leaders demonstrate in times of crisis? To put another way, how do you want your team members and employees to describe your leadership style once the crisis has passed?

One key trait to shoot for is “reassuring.” Most people prefer leaders to project strong, calm confidence during rocky periods. They want to have faith in your assessments, and they want that assessment to be hopeful.

Yet too much optimism isn’t necessarily a good thing in a leader during a crisis, either. Positivity must be tempered with reality. If your workers feel like your projections are too rosy, they may lose faith in your leadership.

3. Design and standardize healthy responses.

One of the best ways to help your team deal with added stress is to model healthy adaptive and coping responses yourself. This means, at a minimum, taking those self-care actions that are required to maintain a healthy body and mind. These include adequate sleep, good nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and recreation or play. Find safe ways to socialize and seek social support from friends and loved ones.

Normalize the practice of seeking counselling or therapy when warranted. Recognize where you’re struggling specifically and find new strategies for coping with those stressors. That’s the best way to encourage your employees to do the same.

4. Clarity in Communication

Share factual information with employees and other stakeholders in a forthright manner. Maintain empathy and compassion in all of your discussions and official communications, but make sure you’re being transparent about the situation. Factual information reassures, comforts and supports people as they move forward and make choices.

Choose in-person communications whenever possible. From words, to tone, to facial expressions, face-to-face conversations make it easier for all parties involved to understand each other. If that’s not possible, then choose the medium that works best for the situation, but make sure you maintain clarity throughout. Close out by summarizing the substance of your conversation in order to reinforce the message and key takeaways.

5. Implement The Correct Strategy

“Keep moving forward using the right strategy” is the key, Opines Hirav Shah

Strategy is an invaluable resource for today’s business and for future businesses too and implementing it can help businesses overcome all challenges while efficiently using resources“, Expresses Shah


We all know that Year 2020 was a year of unprecedented turbulence across the planet and harder on people involved in the business and profession, hence analyzing this Hirav Shah Opines,

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