When your past decisions and actions are being reviewed with your updated intelligence- That’s what is called “Guilt”.

But does it make sense to review the past with your present intelligence?

No, and a big No !!

If you become aware of how you are driven by guilt, you can start to practice coming out of it.

Steps To Move On

1. You May Slip But It’s A Natural Process

Naturally you will slip a few times, when you start practicing anything. That’s the law of nature.

Yes, you are bound to slip back into the older patterns of greed and fear.

Then suddenly you will recollect, ‘Oh, I started working out of greed..’ Then you will start afresh. You will reboot. When you start working, naturally you will see these things happening. It will happen but slowly and gradually. It’s a process…

2. You Have The Power

You have the power and nobody can hurt you unless you allow it. You are the owner of your power and no one can help you unless you allow it. If you have forgotten the practice, remember and again and again uplift yourself.

“You have the power to choose. You have the power to decide. You have the power to do. You have the power to not do.”-Quotes Hirav Shah, Prolific Business Enhancement Leader.

Don’t even begin to think you will not be able to do it. Yes, you have the power.

3. Allow Only Awareness

In enlightened master Buddha’s life, when he was about to leave the body while going for his onward journey, his disciples asked him to give his final message, and he said, let you be your own light, let you be guided by yourself.

Guilt is actually the ego’s shadow. The ego creates issues and the same ego goes on harboring guilt. If you can comprehend this game of the ego, you can simply drop the guilt. Without allowing ego, if you allow only awareness, you will neither get unduly annoyed nor will you suffer for it.

Because of the awareness, you will not be blinded with anger. You will get angry only to the extent required and hence there will not be any guilt either. So, allow only awareness. Also change your internal conversation with yourself.

The bottom line is you need to accumulate all the fitting facts and do a proper assessment before you label something a mistake (and feel guilty about it) or whether you don’t give it such a label (and don’t have to feel guilty about it).

Nevertheless, we’re all human, and even the greatest of leaders sometimes experience guilt as a result of their actions.

Final Thoughts

In the spiritual path, Guilt is a mile marker, a stimulus to let you know you did something improperly and you shouldn’t make that mistake again. That’s all it is, not something you’re supposed to indulge in and punish yourself with. To feel guilty forever is a misuse of this vibration. Guilt is just a tool for learning.  Before everything, are you utilizing your superpower in 2022 or have you ever used it. You have that power. You own that power. Furthermore, you keep that power. But still you feel nice in the zone of guilt.

A bit of guilt is good for you. So that it pinches you a bit so that you change your actions and behavior.

But, chronic guilt is useless…just useless. You got to learn. Take the lesson and just move on.

Don’t be constantly, chronically guilty. That’s a negative emotion. That triggers stress and hence diseases and sicknesses.

Guilt is an emotion that teaches you a lesson. Take the lesson and move on.Don’t wallow in your guilt please !

Even eating with guilt is bad for you too-Concludes Hirav Shah, India’s Most Renowned Business Transformation Expert.