Dealing withone’s ego is crucial for personal growth and healthy relationships, but it can be a challenging task. This life is not simple. The world is not an easy place to live in. There are so many issues, complications and there is sadness. Yet on top of that, there is more we need to manage in our day-to-day life, be it personal or professional life.

Yes, ego, that 3 lettered word, is what we are talking about here. It’s Herculean to manage other people’s egos today. Yes, it’s true.

No worries, take uncomfortable actions to make your future comfortable India’s Premier Business Enhancement Expert Hirav Shah is here to tell us how we can conveniently manage other people’s egos !!

But before that, Prolific Business Strategist Hirav Shah, explains

Why ego arises in the first place

1. Low Self Esteem

Most people with massive egos do not have a very positive self-image, sounds ironic, right…They acutely identify their insecurities and attempt to mask these insecurities by forcing a false persona – one of competence and confidence – in a hopeless attempt to conceal their real state of mind.

Low self-esteem. Yes, it is nothing to laugh at; The leading cause of anxiety, depression, and a number of other psychological disorders is this. If only these people that suffer from this problem would realize that it’s okay to be fallible and human. In fact, it’s the only way to maintain a mindset that is healthy.

2. Exaggerated and Elaborate Visions of Grandeur

A healthy and productive frame of mind is having high expectations of oneself. Try to tell yourself that “A debt of gratitude is for sharing” and insist, “I am here, I am available.” You are dependably at a decision, and you know how to make this day lovely and cherish. Hirav Shah picks out few powerful keys to heal yourself.
However, not being healthy or fruitful is spending a hell lot of time wondering how one’s greatness will far exceed anything conceivably realistic. People with tremendous egos often possess varying degrees of these thoughts.

3. Superiority Air

People with ego have an aura of superiority about themselves. They may actually believe they’re more attractive, intelligent, rational and what not, than anyone else.

Hirav Shah believes that this stems from a compulsive need to “match” someone else’s perceived qualities. It’s interesting to note that they are sometimes highly-accomplished individuals; yet, their unquenchable (often irrational) desire to supersede anyone else remains evident.

4. Desperate For Limelight

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What is apparent in their conversations with others is their ravenous need for validation.

Conversations gotta keep them at the center stage. Yes… When the topic of discussion does not involve them, they cannot help but intercede in a desperate attempt to redirect the spotlight. A conversation that doesn’t revolve around them is not worth having or participating in. They are just super desperate about being in the limelight.

How To Handle Other People’s Ego

How To Handle Other People's Ego

When you start to live your life with self awareness, when you are self-aware, you know how to handle other people’s ego. When you are self-aware, you know how to allow other people’s ego and pride to stay in their own place. You don’t let that ego and pride engage with yours.

The moment you allow someone else’s ego and pride to engage with yours, that’s when all the problems start. It’s irreversible. It turns ugly. Furthermore, it turns negative.

So, you have to be smart enough and aware enough to allow people’s ego to stay in their own place. Learn how to manipulate the ego so that you don’t engage yours unnecessarily and deplete all of your energy and come down to their level.

Final Thoughts

It’s important for you to understand that we all want to react. We want to put our points forward. But sometimes you have got to wait for the right time. You have got to step back and let their ego and pride be theirs. Let them keep it in their space. And you own your space-Concludes Hirav Shah, Business Transformation Leader.