In this column, celebrated Business Astrologer™ cum Astro Strategist talks about the 5 remarkable ways that can keep you motivated and inspired to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.

1. Your Mindset

Hirav Shah says, “If anything can change everything then it is PERCEPTION; it can change something heartbreaking into something worth celebrating.

He says, “For example, take this, I have had many occasions when my fellow colleagues have expressed that every morning they have trouble getting out of bed, that they feel drained and can’t find any strength during work, and that they would prefer to be somewhere else or that they wish they had a couple of crores to stop working. I can tell you I haven’t ever really had that problem and when I share my mindset point of view they can’t believe how simple it really is to be happy at work.

The most important thing is that you are alive, whatever problems you may have, whatever situation you are in you can start working to correct it right now. It is just by making the decision right now that can put your mindset into an inspirational winning perception. We all have to learn lessons and sometimes they are big ones that can cost us money and even health and that is good as long as you learn from it because that is the only way anyone can move forward.

2. Find Your Dream

I once asked myself two simple yet crucial questions, and the answers to these questions always bring the best out in me.

1. What is my next dream, next goal, or vision?

2. Is my work right now helping me to achieve them?

By knowing what it is you want from or in your life is a goal, it is then something to work towards, and then you know what you want to achieve your goal. There are only five ways to make your work life a happy one, and knowing your dream is the centerpiece. Every goal either needs money, energy, time, persistence, training, or help and most of the dreams require them all. So work actually helps you to reach what you want by either bringing in the finance each week, providing flexibility in time, provide training or mentors in a subject or an area you may need.

So really, you are working and living your dream right now! When you have your goal, dream, or vision you say ‘What’s next?’, so really you are living your dream and not when you actually accomplish it, because by then you will move on to your next dream.

3. Keep Strict Work and Life Values

It is your values that determine how far you can go in work and in life. It is your ability to be able to bounce back after a loss quickly, your ability to see the good in every situation, and your ability to know and to love yourself that makes the difference. When you know who you are, what you stand for and your dreams, goals, and visions, there is nothing that can stop you from progressing and nothing that can stop you from having a great day at work either.

When we change our personality or act in a manner that is different from our values at different times, we are actually letting ourselves down; we are not harmonious and hence cannot move forward or enjoy the situation. There are many people that believe they know who they are; if this is so then why do they get confused? Why can’t they make straight decisions? Why do they do things they regret? If you actually knew yourself, none of these would happen because you would never put yourself in that position.

4. Stay On Track

It can be hard to keep focusing on our dreams when some of them seem so far away, so I always make sure I have step goals. These are little goals that progress or lead toward the final goal. They can be yearly goals, monthly goals, daily goals, quarterly or half-yearly. These also need to be seen and thought of on a regular basis, you also need to make sure you visualize what it is you want and add some good strong positive emotions behind these visualizations. Music can assist, taking a bath, or whatever else you can think of to help you focus and give you the drive to keep ongoing.

Your Influence is seen and felt by everyone in your circle, If people around you see you growing, that might inspire them to what is the thing that triggers -dreams and so what matters,-friends’ people around you. So how to make friends and influence them. Another great way is to have someone that holds you accountable for your dreams. Make sure this person actually feels as much for your dream as you do; I only know a very select few who actually get emotionally involved with my dreams as much as I do. It is these people that I consider to be my true friends because they want me to achieve it, they wish to see me do well just the way I do for them. To empower your “roadmap to success”, you got to sail through all hurdles and hindrances with your grit, determination and strategy, also with your “Friends” by your side as your cheer leaders and support system.

5. Lead Your Life

You have to decide that you are now going to take control of each day; the previous steps help you with the decision. To lead your life you need to implement all these steps into your whole life. You make the decisions, you control your future and you are the CEO of your own organization, YOU.

Final Word

Any confusion or difficult YES/NO Business decision requires an expert opinion.

Just make sure your business strategy in terms of Brand, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Mergers, Diversification, etc…is still on track to reach your goals. Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah’s answers have proven to be game-changers.

It’s time to fire up your future!!