Geminis crave excitement at work, and love jobs that give them a thrill—anything from high stock market stakes to teaching paragliding. They always have unique ideas, and work well with all types of people.

Meanwhile, renowned Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah lists down the professional traits of Gemini, explaining how they function in their work environment.


Professional traits of Gemini

1. Wizards

They are all about actions, implementation, not sitting around whining about how the job is too tough, how someone got more than them and why they can’t change their life and their careers .Gemini’s are like Wizards, or the Merlins of this world.

2. Strategy Makers

They can come up with ideas, strategies, concepts, marketing plans and stories that can connect with people – and – customers and clients.

3. Legions Of Warriors

When the business prospects are dark, they are the “wind that brings change,” or the “storm that brings hope.”

When a tornado comes into their business, the Gemenis cannot help but to move forward, around, under, and even right into the bare eye of the storm.

In stories, they were known as Legions of warriors.In Chinese stars, they are known as Stallions, great warrior horses, and none can ever tame these horses.

4 Jack of All Trades

If the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” applied to any sign then it’s Gemini. They skim-read and acquire titbits of knowledge, like the Mercurial magpie they are, BUT it only ever reaches skin-deep. Their interest rarely lingers long enough for them to truly delve into any one subject. A bit of knowledge… and they’re off to the next shiny gem. They are multi-taskers and companies who need multi-taskers consider geminis as real “assets“.

5. Freedom Is Their “Oxygen At Work” 

If you’re about rules, norms, labels and control, better to leave the Geminis alone.

They will come to work to sweep you off your feet but just remember, that doesn’t mean, you have any power of ever trying to fix and change them, or control them.

They are the sign of “Air” .

Air cannot be caught nor chased but can be nurtured.

6. Communicators

Geminis can become good businessman because they know how to talk to people and how to say the things that people need to hear without lying. People tend to respond favorably to good communicators. Geminis are also not afraid to stretch themselves and to go outside their comfort zones.

They’re okay with routine but they have to shake things up once in a while or they’ll get bored. Geminis know that sometimes the best deals are made when one is in their “discomfort” zone and feeling slightly uncomfortable.

High Geminis’ Compatibility (At Business / Professional Lives)

Geminis have the highest degree of business compatibility with Libra, Virgo & Aquarius, Says Hirav Shah.

Hirav Shah elaborates the same below :

1. Compatibility of Gemini with Libra

“Fight for your dreams without compromising the good in you.

You guys can still reach the top without stomping on anyone to get there”…Quotes Hirav Shah.

Indeed, you folks can reach to the top, reiterates Shah.

“By you folks”, Shah means the partnership of Gemini & Libra. They have many things, indeed in common. Both of them are people lovers. Both love intellectual stuff at work. Geminis generate ideas and libras attract clients.

All in all, Gemini-Libra have a very high degree of work compatibility which can lead to a productive venture in business, in future.

2.Compatibility of Gemini with Virgo

Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by the planet Mercury, which rules the intellect.Therefore, lots of bright ideas do come from this partnership.

For one thing, Gemini likes to jump into a project, while Virgo prefers to wade cautiously into work. For another, Gemini is willing to overlook small imperfections, while Virgo can’t tolerate a single mistake.

This partnership will find huge success in the fields of broadcasting, advertising, or publishing.

3.Compatibility of Gemini with Aquarius

Both Gemini and Aquarius have a lot of energy, and working together they can come up with great ideas and common goals. Neither Sign likes to waste time! Aquarius likes the freedom to plunge into projects and plan the next steps.

Gemini wants intellectual freedom, and is able to look at all sides of an argument and see Aquarius’ reasons for choosing the projects they support. When Gemini vacillates, Aquarius can help stabilize their decisions, but they also need to be careful to allow Gemini space to think and not be too overwhelming.

Gemini is a Mutable Sign and Aquarius is a Fixed Sign. Aquarius is the visionary of the zodiac, flowing with good ideas, and Gemini will accept these ideas and may even spend hours knocking them around with Aquarius!

When they work together, they won’t argue over who gets to take the credit for their achievements. This relationship will work better if Gemini allows Aquarius to take the lead.

The best aspect of the Gemini-Aquarius relationship is their ability to work together as a conglomerate, which can make theirs a healthy business alliance.

Final Thoughts

Geminis have a rare trait that few others do—they are capable of consistently bringing great proposals to the table. They are also known to bring creative strategies to the table. At the workplace, these folks are about taking actions, creating ideas like they are plucking them from thin “Air”…..Concludes Hirav Shah.