It’s a delight when one can gauge how one’s business would do in the coming days. It helps one plan better, be prepared and pump in money when the timing is appropriate. Not be underestimated, forecasting is an important exercise for all who are looking to run a successful business. Astro strategist Hirav Shah can help you sort out such issues for you and make running a business a smooth run for you

Organic farming has disrupted the food industry in a big way. Earlier it was all about pre-packaged foods and produce from farms infested by pesticides. Today, there is rising awareness in all parts of the world to cut down on pre-packaged food and opt for food grown in conditions that are conducive for human survival.

Of course, due to various market components, organic produce is a tad bit costlier than the regular produce. But this is not stopping the consumers from opting for organic products and produce. There is also a rising awareness about home-grown food. But since it does not follow a business model, we will skip it for a while.

“Go organic farming, but with prior knowledge” says Business Strategist and Thought Leader Hirav Shah. 

Let’s first understand why organic farming is so popular these days…

What are the benefits of organic farming in brief:

For starters, it helps in
1) promotion of biodiversity. The crop rotation techniques followed in organic farming help build soil fertility. So is the case with livestock as they are raised free-range. This ensures better health for all species across the globe. Organic farm pockets also help the wildlife to survive and thrive.
2) Farm pollution comes down: Due to extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides harmful chemicals become part of the food chain. On the other hand, organic farming helps improve the soil, removes the risk of groundwater pollution and also rehabilitates the soil that is already damaged.
3) Better tasting food: Food that is grown in pesticide-free farms tastes much better than the food that is grown mechanically. Organic foods have been found to have lower nitrates, have more anti-oxidants and food is surely tastier.
4) Fewer toxins: For now, a very less percentage of land is under organic farming. This means hectares of land is treated with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic substances. When organic farming increases, it will directly help the environment.
5) Providing employment: Organic farming is dependent on more help. This means that when organic farming becomes extensive, then there are bound to be economic benefits.
6) Better soil: Topsoil is depleted due to use of chemical fertilizers. With organic farming, these methods are replaced and topsoil health is conserved. This will lead to production of fruits and vegetables and fruits that will have higher amounts of minerals and micro-nutrients.
7) Controls climate change: Organic farming reduces the use of non-renewable energy. It returns more carbon to the soil, which then lessens the greenhouse effect and global warming.
8) Preservation of the culture of agriculture: In all cultures around the world, one thing is common – food. Organic farming helps remove harmful toxins and paves way for biodiversity. This is a positive sign.

Now, we know the benefits or organic farming. But like any industry, the business of organic farming too can lead to various problems, some anticipated and some unanticipated.

Unexpected problems that could arise in Organic Farming :

For example, 

  1. labour might be hard to get or 
  2. water supply can dry out due to government policies or 
  3. organic farming might not end up as a viable financial option in the long run
  4. Or the market competition could be high and organic farmers might be forced to sell at lower prices, which disrupts their operations
  5. Despite the best efforts of organic farmers, the land could be contaminated and this could affect the produce.
  6. Sudden development of disease and pests can pose a problem which can lead to losses.
  7. The purity of soil can be affected by effluents released by big industries.
  8. Lack of awareness in larger markets can lead to lesser sales, which will impact the entire cycle as the economics of scale become tilted.

What’s the solution for such unforeseen problems?

The solution is to go for estimated income calculation. It is one of the primary operations that a business or firm should take up right from the time they get into action. Keeping is a close check will help the business or firm to remain afloat and continue its operations for a longer period of time.

Why is calculating estimated income important?

  • Management of cash flow: It is one of the important functions of estimated income. Cash flow management helps you plan your capital needs to avoid missing payments, to losing access to vendors and suppliers, so that your credibility is not affected. Using revenue forecasting, a business or firm can have a fair idea of cash that will flow in. It’s important to keep enough money and credit to pay your bills and employees. It also helps you plan your tax payments.
  • Analysis of sales: It’s vital to access the sales that you procure through each of your products. It’s important to keep track of what sells and what doesn’t. For example, you might reduce the sales of products with high profits to allow low margin products to catch up. Such a strategy will help in the long run.
  • Production scheduling: Maintaining production scheduling will help predict when the sales will be slow or when rush hours can crop up. Such scheduling will help you adjust production and also keep pay for employers in control and when to give overtime during rush periods.
  • Better credit management: Understanding this will help you plan when to take credit and on what terms. If you keep it to the end, your bargaining power reduces and you will have to borrow at higher interest rates, which can be detrimental.
  • Access to more capital: Realistic forecasts will help you make decisions that will help you get a partner or lender. This will also help you have a realistic long-term assessment for your business. This will make your business or firm attractive for purchase by potential investors.


Why go for astro strategist Hirav Shah?

Hirav Shah has been a corporate consultant for years and he has been giving sound business advice to clients, both big and small, across industries. His wide knowledge in varied verticals will help you in giving a customised package that will help you to gauge what is in store for your business.

He mixes astrology with business strategy and gives tips most essential for the survival of a business. He precisely tells when it is the right time to invest and when it is an ideal time to disinvest.

He also gives tips on money flow which is very vital for a business, industry or firm. His shrewd thinking and expertise are bound to ensure that you get the best value from his consultation.

Benefits of getting revenue forecasting from Hirav Shah, a one of his kind astro strategist in India:

  • You can plan for the future with a clear plan of action.
  • You will know in advance what the potential is going to be. In this case, you will know how the yields will be and what income to expect from your business.
  • Revenue forecasting by Hirav Shah will help you make decisions about which crops to grow and how they are going to give returns.
  • Sound advice can help you decide on the number of hands you require and when to expand or when to put a hold on expansion plans.
  • Budget forecasting can help in gauging yourself vis-a-vis your competitors.
  • It also helps you understand the methods and strategy to adopt for better returns.
  • Revenue forecasting is a sureshot way to figure out if you can expand into new territories.
  • It also gives you a fair idea of how your business will fare if you go for geographical expansion.
  • Based on world markets and one’s personal chart, Hirav Shah will develop a viable plan of action that will be a boon for the business.
“Knowing the future will help increase production and develop business,” concludes Business Strategist Hirav Shah. 
Best for the last:

Renowned and world-renowned Hirav Shah will be allotting a 10 minute slot to all those who have a question regarding their business or firm.