Marketing is a concept that has always existed, however, the way of doing this process has evolved over the past years and some would classify the way marketing was done previously as traditional marketing while marketing of the present is known as modern marketing. There are a number of traditional marketing strategies that are still used today but these might become irrelevant in the future as the world is moving into a more technological and modern approach to marketing. While traditional marketing is focused on selling the products produced, on the other hand, modern marketing focuses more on customer satisfaction. It is about studying the needs of the consumer,” says Hirav Shah.

Business Strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah takes the example of pamphlets, he says, “One of the most affordable and cheap ways to do marketing is flyer distribution. It can be simply printed in any black and white paper or make the page colorful. Over the past decade, it was used widely and was known as one of the cheapest forms of business marketing.

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Here you have to identify first who will be given flyers. Today even in this digital world this form of marketing is used to promote business and special kinds of products and services. It depends on you how you make your campaign. There are many companies in the market that provide you best and effective services. It is possible to start a campaign like this on a small scale with the help of this you can get to know if your business is getting the benefit or not. Your target audience should be very specific here because you must have an effective area where you are going to target. Here you don’t have to spend a lot of money even if you hire an agency for your campaign this would be the best way when they can work with low rates. According to your budget, you will be provided special kinds of services which will be beneficial for your business. With the help of this, you can make the target a certain area where it will be having more crowd.

There are many kinds of benefits you can get with this.

Target Result

There are many kinds of advantages of this kind of marketing one of the best advantages of this kind of marketing is that you can target your customers with great precision. With the help of a little research, you can get any data from the audience and you can also get to know about the public interest in your products and services. This helps you to work out in a particular area to get flyers printed and distributed among the public area. Who should be given a flyer? To know any of this is not possible without any kinds of marketing. But here you can get within a short area campaign.

Immediate Result

When a business is done with profit intention every business owner wants to get the immediate result and real-time success in his business. You can distribute flyers delivery among a large number of people and in any crowded area.

Flyer distribution does not require any kind of long-term planning and it can be a very clever marketing strategy. If you are not having the big budget to hire an agency then you can get a leaflet printed and distribute it among the people and directly in the crowded areas. No other marketing tool can give you better results and real-time success in business which you can get with this form of marketing.

Easy to Understand

Today’s customers know traditional marketing strategies as they have been exposed to them on a number of occasions. Even those who are not tech-savvy can understand and get attracted to traditional marketing strategies.

Easier reach to your local target audience

When a radio advert plays on your local station or television it has this full local coverage and your audience is reached locally in a single shot.

Benefits of Modern Marketing

Interaction with your audience

Social media platforms are a good way of interacting with your potential customers, you encourage your audience to participate in your content, rate your services, visit your site, and give feedback, etc. it can be helpful for a two-way engagement and aid in building trust for your brand

It is cost-effective

The cost-effectiveness of digital marketing is very lucrative, while some ads are paid ones, they are still cheaper than traditional marketing.

Exposure larger and bigger markets

You are now able to identify and target a bigger audience and even an international audience with digital marketing. With the use of social media, a website, and blogging anybody can follow what your brand is doing on a global level.

Business Strategist Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “Traditional marketing strategies are established and customers understand them well, although digital marketing is growing, and it is important for marketers to know that these two work hand in hand and you need to use a strategy specific to your needs and that your consumers can understand. Largely, traditional marketing strategies support modern strategies. Realize the difference and do not exclude them from each other.