It is a well-known fact that the Covid-19 crisis has hit the world business prospects and almost every public related industry witnessed huge losses. Though the pandemic has literally dragged the lives of many businesses on road, a few business sectors saw significant growth during pandemic lockdown times, says popular business Astrologer and Astro strategist Hirav Shah
Elaborating the topic, Hirav Shah discusses five business sectors which saw a positive trend despite the pandemic crisis.

Spike in E-Commerce business

While consumers have been gravitating to e-commerce from traditional brick-and-mortar retail for years, the pandemic has sped up that transition even further: In India, government shutdown of nonessential retailers in March eliminated brick-and-mortar as an option for consumers to buy many products. Many consumers concerned about the coronavirus began reducing in-person trips to grocery stores and other retailers deemed essential and allowed to operate throughout the pandemic. Due to pandemic rules and fear among the public, online retailers reported massive sales increase and essential retailers also saw a sharp rise in online sales.

Online food delivery sector

The restaurant business is one of the industries which was hit by the economic shutdowns in March badly and the social distancing requirements during the May reopen times. The restaurant industry is attempting to offset revenues lost from dine-in capacity restrictions and consumer unease about eating out during a pandemic by getting online. Online food delivery platforms like DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats have been around for a while and rescued food business owners across the globe. If no option left, even consumers, who prefer to eat outside, also tilted towards online food apps.

Exterior and interior renovations sector

The outlook for home improvement projects in 2020 witnessed a rise expected to continue the trend in 2021. As projects shift from interior applications like the kitchen and bath renovations to exterior applications, such as replacement of siding and fencing gain momentum during the lockdown period.

Outdoor Living Products

Being a fast-growing market, outdoor living business got a boost during the pandemic from staycation homeowners with extra cash on hand due to cancelled vacation plans. Due to lockdown consumers were stuck at home this summer, these consumers flooded pool and spa retailers with more orders than they could keep up with, and sales of products like outdoor furniture, heating products, and kitchen equipment that increase the cosiness of pool/spa areas and other outdoor spaces saw good growth in the business perspective.

Hygiene and sanitation business

During the pandemic, bath renovations have become a popular aspect with homeowners, Despite the decreased activity in most nonresidential building construction segments due to the pandemic, spending on bath renovations in some commercial buildings gained momentum. Particularly public-facing establishments like offices, restaurants, schools, universities, and travel facilities were renovated which directly brought demand for plumbing products and business.


During the year of fear 2020, many businesses and business organizations saw heavy losses due to pandemic effects. But the above-discussed businesses saw growth and helped many workers and people dependent on them. To conclude, Astro strategist Hirav Shah says that though the Covid-19 outbreak crushed many mainstream businesses, it came as a lifesaver for a few businesses.