The colors used for branding communicate a value to consumers. This is something taken into deep consideration, when creating logos or design work for clients. Colors share a lot about the character of a brand, its intentions and it’s worth. Meditating on color can reveal your truth. And your truth is where your brand is, Opines Hirav Shah, Renowned Astro-Business Strategist.

Color Analysis

A color can say much about a brand. One of the most exciting aspects of launching or re-designing a brand is choosing a color scheme that will appeal to your brand’s unique audience, Tells Prolific Business Strategist, Hirav Shah.

Color psychology is a growing research area that seeks to examine how human behavior is influenced by various colors, and some of the conclusions Hirav Shah tells are fascinating, -From which colors are shared most often on Pinterest.

-To which football jersey color results in the most penalty points.
-To which color resulted in the most money spent in eBay auctions.
-To which colour of Bolly studio logo resulted in maximum superhits…

Hirav Shah’s Astro Advice

Though all colours will stimulate pleasure, happiness and joy. Green, Blue and Golden will stay as the year’s favourable colours. Concurrently, try and avoid Black, Brown and Red Colours, for it might not reap very good results.


A golden ticket to a golden future.” Golden color in branding, will promise luxury and prosperity to your clients. If people see a logo in golden color, it awakens a sense of desire in most. Golden colored logos are perfect for high-class luxury brands.

Famous designs are “Rolex” “Versace” and “Lamborghini”. Looking at those brands, you’ll immediately see which are their target groups. It’s all about high-status, high-class, and a premium look. The color sets you up for success.

Astrologically, color golden is strongly associated with wealth, success, and knowledge. It’s a confident color that attracts confident brands. It massively signifies prestige and high status…


” Blue is Most Accepted and is Usually a HIT “.

When asked what their favorite color is, the most common answer around the world is blue. This may be because when our ancestors used to see blue – like a clear blue sky.
Blue colour in brand assets, is likely to satisfy the majority of people.

Let’s dig a bit further !!

Sunbathing atop a yacht, surrounded by open blue waters on your favourite lake as you stare at the calming blue sky in the middle of summer? Not surprisingly, the color blue is the most universally preferred color of all, and for that reason alone, is probably the safest color for businesses to use for branding.

The color blue is a symbol of consistency and dependability as in being able to count on the blueness of the sky…A therapeutic color which strengthens and brings harmony to the mind and body, the color blue is conducive to one-to-one communication and is therefore helpful in building customer loyalty.

Blue branding has a responsible and reliable nature and hence the color is being used around the globe due to its positive effect on brand storytelling.


“Green is associated with Growth.”

Green is the colour most associated with nature, and growth. When connected to the psychology of colour in marketing and branding, green often communicates ideas of freshness, health, and all-natural qualities.

However, darker shades of green can sometimes represent financial stability and wealth.

Actually, green is the easiest colour for the eye to process. It brings to mind ideas of progress, development, and serenity. The “natural” aspects of green explain why it’s so commonly used in the logos of brands like Starbucks and Wholefoods.


Hirav Shah’s suggestion & advice, of using those colours for branding, can present a boon to entrepreneurs, businesses, corporates and professionals across the globe.

Hirav Shah concludes – “Colors green, blue and golden in branding can lead your business to revive and rejuvenate thereby, helping this year to end on a positive note.

Also, colors strongly reflect your identity.
Your identity should be an extension of the narrative and unique brand differentiation you are building with your audiences. It should speak loudly to not only what your company does, but what you stand for and why you do it.