Ahead of the future, find out the latest social media trends shaping up the next decade of marketing. The overriding theme for many big brands going into the next decade: Rethinking what social media success means for marketing in the big picture.

Companies today are faced with finding a way to connect with consumers while also finding more effective ways to measure their success. This is a much more complicated issue than simply “more content, more engagement”. Brands have to learn to balance user-friendliness with accountability and accuracy. The key here is getting a good user base that isn’t afraid to give feedback on how they feel their products or services are being delivered, says noted Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer.

Hirav Shah says, “Achieving this, though, requires companies to be able to separate the business from the personal side of their relationships with consumers. If you can do this, then you’ll be much more successful in the long term. Many businesses still believe that if they can manage their relationship with consumers better, they’ll be able to turn it into a profitable partnership. However, many of the biggest brands are realizing that relationships have to work both ways – with customers’ and consumers’ feedback.

Social Media Platforms

For example, some brands have begun to invest in social marketing tools (think Twitter, Facebook, etc.) because it allows them to reach out to their customer base and actually listen to what they’re saying, rather than just reading through and replying to their messages.

While this may seem like a big mistake for some brands, it’s one that can have long-lasting effects. With the recent changes to algorithms by both Google and Bing, social media allows these giants to better analyze the conversations taking place in social spaces, helping them develop better products and services.


When you’ve got a big brand, you want to be as transparent as possible with consumers. If you can provide a platform for consumers to express themselves and get feedback from people they trust, then it will help to build relationships and ultimately deliver the best products and services. If you have a solid social marketing strategy in place, then your audience will be eager to share their thoughts and feelings about your brand.

Being Interactive

Social media also offers the ability for consumers to communicate with each other in a safe environment and create meaningful relationships that go far beyond simple words and photos. Rather than sending random text messages on social networks, people are more likely to use their real names, which creates more authenticity and increases their credibility.

Don’t be afraid to have a little personality in your brand. It will make you seem more relatable. Perhaps consider making memes to share with your followers or videos to engage them a bit more. ;

By combining social with technology and offering consumers an interactive platform to do just that – communicating with each other – you’ll be able to create a stronger relationship with your audience. You’ll have something more to offer in return. In this way, your customers will feel comfortable sharing their experiences with you.

Helps Build Relationships

Social media is also a great way for customers to help the company’s reputation stay intact. It also gives them a way to get honest feedback that will help you improve.

Consumers are also able to connect with their customers when they choose to, and that’s something companies can’t always offer them. They’ll know exactly who they’re dealing with and what they’re buying.

Because so many brands are now using their own social network, they are not simply stuck using whatever is available. They can use it to help grow their business and improve the way they conduct business.


One of the biggest things to remember about news-worthiness is that no matter what a company is doing, it must deliver quality content. This is something that cannot be overstated – and something that cannot be understated. If a company does not provide quality content, then it will quickly fall behind in the social news market. Therefore, it is imperative to always be providing a good amount of quality information on a regular basis.

Fresh Content

Another thing that should be remembered about news-worthiness is that it does not necessarily mean that there are actually new items in the news. It simply means that there are new newsworthy items that have happened. Therefore, it is vital to always be able to constantly update the news with fresh items that will be of interest to consumers. This will also keep your company visible to new consumers who are interested in what is happening in the world of social networks.


When someone goes to social network websites, they are usually looking for a place where they can interact and make friends. Therefore, it is important that a company that is using social network sites as a marketing strategy is able to provide an easy to use interface on the website for users. This will ensure that the user experience on the site is extremely user friendly – making it easier to find friends and make new friends.

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “There are many more factors that are considered when deciding whether or not to use social networking, but the above listed are the most important factors to consider when determining whether or not to use a social network for business purposes. By taking a look at these social trends, you will be able to know how to best position your company in the world of social networks. Therefore, it will be easier for your business to continue to grow its reach to new consumers – as well as stay ahead of the game.