Not many are aware that to manage a company’s personnel in the HR management unit, there will be different approaches. While one of them is Strategic HR management, the other one is traditional HR management, says business strategist and Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

Drawing comparisons between the two types of approaches and presenting the different human resource management practices,

Traditional HR Management

The HR professional will be seen working on particular events or situations in the role of traditional HR management at the organization.

In general, they do not create awareness among the employees/workers about their work to be done in the office/company. Instead, they presume that the group of managers will train the workers and make them work during the training period to pick up the pace in work.

Traditional HR management works on key issues like sorting out employee/worker problems, keeping employees happy and managing labour relations.

Below are some important tasks being handled by HR management

A) Posting ads for jobs when a particular role in any department in the organization is to be filled

B) Guiding the workers/employees regarding additional benefits and payroll structure

C) Expelling an employee

As Traditional HR management role is reactive, the tasks his/her tasks will be rushed or divided into various versions, says Hirav Shah.

Strategic HR Management

As a complete contrast to Traditional HR roles, Strategic HR management has a wide approach, says Hirav Shah

SHR manager usually focuses on forming a long-term strategy. For instance, before hiring an employee, the manager will take future growth estimation and goals of the firm/company/organization.

Strategic HR managers are also called as proactive persons at the workplace. The following things are a few key tasks of SHRM

A) Recruiting employees/workers bases on long-term goals

B) Training employees

C) Developing ways to help in reaching their targets

D) Provide handbook to the employees

Additionally, in a few organizations, the proactive strategic HR managers are being utilized to be part of the annual expenditure and profits tally discussions for better and innovative ideas and their execution process.


According to Hirav Shah’s perception, a well-established corporate company/organisation will have both traditional and strategic HR units to sort out the problems being faced while recruiting and training employees at a fast pace. But most of the companies nowadays are managing all employee-related works with the strategic HR manager by ignoring traditional HR management as a part of cost-cutting resolutions.