Future of Home-Chefs


Cooking with love provides food for the soul. How about cooking professionally !!
The enforced time-out of the pandemic has given many the impetus to finally realise the dream of cooking professionally, no matter how small the scale at which they start.

Pandemic Impact On Home-Chefs

Most food businesses took a huge hit once the COVID-19 pandemic started tearing through India. Several popular home-chefs, with no institutional or financial backing, found their resilience tested in unprecedented ways. By April, most of them knew that with social gatherings out of question for a long time, they may not be able to host pop-ups nor will they receive catering orders like before. Survival thus, became a challenge.
While the first two months were spent in anxiety, anticipating the return to normalcy, most of these food entrepreneurs were ready with an alternate plan by the time the first relaxation of norms was announced. Many had utilised the time at hand to reconsider their strategies and reinvent their image.
On that note, the celebrated and influential Astro-Strategist, Hirav Shah often quotes, A vision without a strategy, remains an illusion and in today’s times of gloom, Strategic Support is the need of the hour. However, also essential is, Moral and Astrological Support.
So, very few home-chefs, who have been able to pivot quickly and creatively have, in fact, found themselves doing better than before. Several others have used this period as one of self-reflection and realigning of priorities, choosing to take a break

Ray Of Hope for home-chefs

Dining in is the new dining out !!

With the coronavirus pandemic upending almost everyone’s plans to eat out, a new saviour has emerged: the home-chef.

Meanwhile, Hirav Shah, famed Astro-Strategist and India’s top influencer and adviser in the fields of Real Estate, Sports, Entertainment, Corporate Business, Politics, Tourism and Hospitality and Food Industry, quotes, COVID is an Opportunity for Entrepreneurs To Create a BIG BIG Market. Delivery of food from home can be so lucrative, innovative and creative. A large number of home-chefs across India, have the capability to take the food delivery industry by storm. From an intrepid 16 year old baker to a middle aged homemaker, everyone has the potential to supplement their family incomes reasonably well.

Shah Asserts When Capability is fuelled by Luck, Then Victory becomes Easier,
When Potential is powered by Astro-Strategy, Victory becomes Certain


With eating out the only outdoor activity for most urban Indians, this pandemic came to them as a big blow. Even as India unlocked, only home chefs and bakers from the immediate neighbourhood seems like the safest bet, since we don’t know when, or if, our societies might return to normal or what kind of scars, the pandemic will leave.

There is a large void in the food space that needs to be filled. People are craving good food, but are skeptical about ordering from restaurants. Good food can be promoted through fancy photos, via social media and social media can make outreach easier, for these home chefs. Platforms can be dedicated on social media, that can connect ‘home chefs’ to prospective customers and help them build a loyal customer base, says Hirav Shah, India’s top Astro-Strategist

Finally, the key areas for ‘home-chefs’ to focus, should be the taste of the food, affordability, the innovative way they use social media to promote their enterprise, safety and hygiene, asserts Shah
Lastly, Shah quotes, Only Astrology can give these ‘home-chefs’, The ‘CERTAINTY OF SUCCESS’ with a clear path of action.