How to Start Taxi Business in India?

How to start your own taxi business in India?

What is the right taxi business plan for success in India?

How do I start cab business in India with safe minimum investment?

Lets try to answer above question.

Renowned Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah recently conducted a webinar where he shared his opinions on what makes the Taxi Booking Business so lucrative in today’s times. Hirav Shah, as you all know, is a legend when it comes to providing innovative yet extremely fruitful Business strategies that stem out of his immense knowledge of Business ideas and the powerful tool of astrology. He has helped many amateur entrepreneurs in creating Business empires with his secret formulae to create momentum in Business growth with a sense of certainty of success.

Business astrologer Hirav Shah says, “In India, Taxis are becoming an integral part of urban life. The international companies made an entry a couple of years ago and took the whole taxi business concept in India to the next level. Since many places in India still need this service, it gives a lot of opportunities and space for startups for entrepreneurs who wish to start the taxi business. The online taxi business is in much demand as it takes you to the destination easily with a few clicks on the app. Innovation along with the latest technology is the reason behind the success of the online taxi business. Taxi business not only means riding people from one place to another but you should have thorough knowledge about all the aspects of the business in order to boost it. In a country like India to start a taxi business is pretty easy but it takes a lot of money and time. So you should have a perfect business plan in mind to succeed which will not need a lot of research, technique and also quite a bit of luck which can be sought from an Astro Strategist.”

Hirav adds, “Before starting the business you should estimate how much to invest in the business. Then you should select the locality where you will start your business. After selecting the locality you should do research on the demand of the people in the locality. You should analyze your competitors and also find an app development company. After this, you can take your plan into action.”

User-friendly App

The most important thing is to build a user-friendly app. Since people rely on mobile, laptops, tablets, and so on for every information and needs, mobile apps play an important role. The availability of your business online will also create a good impression. You must contact a Taxi App Source Code Development Company for building a cab booking app. Many such codes are available which are error-free and easy to customize. You will get timely delivery of the product. You can also give feedback and suggestions. Taxi management software will help you to boost your taxi business. Here are some features that you should incorporate into your app:

  • Passenger login
  • Easy pickup and destination
  • Taxi type selection
  • Payment with cash, debit card, or credit card or wallet
  • 24*7 day support
  • Rating and feedback
  • Driver login
  • Most efficient fare estimation
  • Multiple map support

You can also add advance features like

  • Multiple location access.
  • Complete fare history
  • Caller ID
  • Capture signature

You should find a perfect online cab booking script, many of which are also available all around. Make sure it has all standard features for service providers and end-users and is available on both iOS and Android devices. Once you purchase the pack they will install the script to your service free of cost. Based on the package you selected, you will be afforded full source code that will help you to change the script to attract your customers. They also provide you with free technical support.

The features provided by App are:


  • Available online or offline
  • User profile
  • App call/chat
  • Real-time navigation
  • Work history
  • Driver payout
  • Rating and feedback list


  • Scheduled booking
  • App call/chat
  • Promotion code
  • User profile
  • Real-time navigation
  • Wallet payment
  • Pay by cash option
  • Emergency contact sharing
  • Book a ride with a destination

Purchasing The Suitable Vehicle

Purchase the vehicle or a fleet of vehicles that you will use as your cabs. Purchase either new ones or used ones, according to your budget. Make sure that the vehicle you purchased is of taxi type and is economically affordable. The vehicle should be then registered under the regional transport office within 7 days. Take insurance for your purchased vehicle.

Getting a Business License

Obtain a business license. All search for other laws that apply to own a taxi company. Check with the business tax office in your city to figure out whether you need to report sales figures on a quarterly or annual basis.

Choosing Perfect Geographical Location

Hirav Shah tells, “You should decide in which geographic area you will incorporate your taxi company and astrology can be very beneficial in making you select the right location according to your horoscope which will add more certainty of getting successful. You should also investigate the gas stations throughout the area to find the least expensive companies.”

He explains that when all the above mentioned is done, people should know about your taxi business and services that you provide. Design and make your business card. Advertise in hospitals, railway stations, airports, and other places where taxi cabs are required. You could get brochures and notices printed including your rates, geographic area, types of taxis provided, and so on.

In conclusion, Hirav Shah says, “In this competitive market, beating Uber, OLA might be a distant dream though not impossible, but with a unique idea, you can cope up with it. With proper planning and execution, you can develop a taxi app that will help you to generate the best business and ROI. with the complete knowledge of taxi booking software, it would be easy for you to build an app that will meet user requirements. It will make your app popular among your targeted audience.”

“अपने लक्ष्य को ऊँचा रखो और तब तक मत रुको
जब तक आप इसे हासिल नहीं कर लेते है।”

“Specificity and Certainty are where Astrology can help you tip the scales in your favor. Instead of the ones who look back and analyze, be the one who foresees in advance and plans for better productivity!”