Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.
Like other industries, the real estate sector was also severely impacted after the nationwide lockdown was imposed in late March. The unavailability of workers (a majority being migrants) coupled with the rising cost of materials were additional blows. Projects were stalled, delivery dates pushed, and several buyers postponed their decision to buy a property.

Market Size Of Real Estate In India

While the market size of the Real estate sector in India was US$ 120 billion in 2017, it is expected to reach a whooping US$ 1 trillion by 2030. This will contribute 13 per cent of the country’s GDP by 2025.
Huge Contribution to our GDP, isn’t it !!
The fast growing retail, hospitality and commercial real estate will fulfill the infrastructure needs of developing India.

Real Estate In Mumbai

Mumbai has always been a pivotal market when it comes to real estate. It is a real estate favourite destination due to its abundance of resources and the economic importance it holds on the map. It has also been a great valuable possession in the sense of trade of being the house for major traders and industries.
Real estate in Mumbai plays a huge role when it comes to growth of the city.

Is it the right time to invest in Real Estate in Mumbai?

Mr. Hirav Shah, the Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer, who has been working closely with many of the leading Developers, Infrastructure, and Real Estate giants of India, USA, etc as a Real Estate Strategist, Realty Investment Advisor, Property Investment Advisor says
While there was initial ambiguity among buyers, the Covid situation has made many realise the importance of owning their own home,” Lower interest rates on home loans and some attractive deals are the reasons behind the realty segment seeing these revival signs.

With several states including Maharashtra mulling a reduction in stamp duty charges, this could work in favour of both builders and buyers. Also, Maharashtra has been the first to announce a cut in prices. Ready-to-move-in homes are now the most compelling option for homebuyers in Mumbai.
In the under-construction category, properties due to be completed in the next few months are the next best bet.

So BIG is the RIGHT TIME to invest in Real Estate in Mumbai, advises Real Estate Investment Advisor and Property Investment Advisor Hirav Shah.

How to Increase Certainty in the Real Estate Business?

Looking at the most successful people in the world of Real Estate, people ask Hirav Shah,

  • How Do i find out the timeline for unsold inventory?
  • How do I find out – when I can get max price for my existing inventory or upcoming project ?.
  • How do I keep up with real estate market trends?
  • How do I develop more attractive projects?
  • Where can I find good investors?
  • How do I unlock the full potential of my business?

Most of the successful Real Estate Developers are in a situation where they’ve learned to increase their certainty.

How do you increase your certainty? By getting the results in advance and by enough repetition until you feel certain.

Real estate astrology is the only tool where you get to know things in advance before making any strategies or taking any massive action. When you gain certainty, you are able to execute.

Just imagine if you get to know the general timeline in advance for when your properties will be sold out, wouldn’t it be amazingly helpful for you? You can adjust your mindset easily and accordingly, you can make strategies and take actions. Astrology is a superb tool. Isn’t it? You can utilize this tool to increase the certainty of many things.

Here is the link to what Hirav Shah offers and you will be surprised that Hirav Shah is the pioneer for this.

That’s what the job of a real estate strategist is!

By getting the results in advance.

Future Of Real Estate in Mumbai

The future of Real Estate in Mumbai will be phenomenal pertaining to the reasons mentioned above, says Top Astro-Strategist of the Country, Hirav Shah.

3 periods are very important for Real Estate in Mumbai FOR BUYERS as well as REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS.
These periods will turn around the trust factor and buyers interest in Mumbai Real Estate.

1. January 16 to February 24, 2021
2. April 7 to June 15, 2021
3. August 14 to September 25

Commercial Real Estate in Mumbai will first pick up around the beginning of 2021 and later on from the third quarter of 2021, Housing Real Estate in Mumbai will pick up, Predicts Real Estate Strategist Hirav Shah.


Hirav Shah says, while growth in Real Estate Business has traditionally been exponential, while the developers are seeking for some degree of certainty at least, amidst today’s unprecedented times…

On that note, Shah concludes by quoting,

Exponential GROWTH can be achieved, When you know your DESTINATION before you begin. ASTROLOGY is the one of the TOOLS, where you get to know things in advance, before making any strategies or taking any massive action.

What is the future of real estate market in Mumbai in & post Covid?

You should read this attentively, the effects of construction price trends should not be confused with Mumbai property price trends.

Hirav Shah is committed to digging deep astrologically and as per your business dimensions, uncovering commercial real estate trends in Mumbai and providing unique perspectives his clients.

By following astrology real estate developers & investors stay updated with the latest property trends in Mumbai along with what is right for my business in current trend.