Going by the common perception, 90% of restaurants fail in the very first year. While that may be an overstatement, industry insiders cannot deny that new restaurants have a higher likelihood of failing than already established ones. In fact, generally, 60% fail within the first 3 years. Brand strategy and identity can make or break a restaurant, thanks to an ever-increasing world of brand-conscious consumers.

Celebrated Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah says, “Restaurant Marketing is integral to the success of your restaurant. Everybody realizes that the restaurant business is operations heavy and all-consuming. It is a high-risk investment because, unfortunately, the failure rate in this business is too high. As long as you offer fantastic food, service, and ambiance, people from every corner of the world would love to visit your restaurant and taste every delicacy. However, a lack of understanding & focus on marketing fundamentals could have a negative impact on your entire business in the long run.”

In this blog Hirav Shah discusses some of the common mistakes restaurants commit when it comes to restaurant branding so that you can avoid them:

Forcing your story

As a leader, don’t try to push your passion down the throats of your team members, as it will do more harm than good. They have their own visions and passions, which you need to discover. It is crucial to identify which are the areas where your team’s vision isn’t aligned with yours, and also recognizing common grounds.

Following restaurant trends

there is always this one hit new concept at every point of time, which restaurateurs flock to, but it is not a good idea to blindly launch a concept based on a trend. On the contrary, research thoroughly to find a unique and viable concept, according to your market. If you are keen to explore an existing category, identify the top player in that category, and figure out how you can stand apart by offering something extra to your customers.

A confusing restaurant concept

sometimes restaurants make the mistake of trying something a bit too unique and out-of-the-box, which causes more confusion than anything else. If you set your primary goal as only being “different”, you stand the risk of alienating your customers, who might overlook you, if your concept does not fit the mold of any common restaurant category. Being unique will be rewarding, only as long as you can communicate it clearly to your audience.

Naming your restaurant

this is a major creative endeavor of its own and one in which rushed decisions are to be avoided at any cost. If you want to maximize restaurant business plan feasibility, it is advisable to consult a naming or branding agency to develop a name; or you can use a temporary “working name” until you define your strategy. Deciding the name before having the brand story or strategy in place can cause great confusion. An Astro Strategist can help you decide the perfect name for your restaurant based on your horoscope, the location, and other factors.

Too focused on a logo alone

creating a brand for your restaurant goes way beyond designing a pretty logo. A brand is established by your reputation, how the public perceives you, what you offer, etc. There should be a comprehensive visual identity developed by an experienced brand strategist or agency, and guidelines should be laid down to maintain visual consistency with all future touchpoints, including menu design. You won’t draw customers simply by putting a logo on your door and claiming your restaurant to be “branded”.

Astro Strategist Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “Restaurant Marketing is integral to a restaurant’s success. However, if not done the right way it can turn out to be more of an overhead than a resource. After going through the various marketing mistakes that restaurant owners commit we hope you take back the ‘never to do’s’ while marketing for your restaurant and reap the rewards!”

He adds, “Taking help from astrology provides you 100% assurance of getting desired results. What astrology does is that it analyzes your self-image and brand image and develops it accordingly. Astro-Strategist, Business Astrologers use astrology for business success with the help of tools of modern brand development to achieve your goals. Some of these tools include target group analysis, customer surveys, benchmarking, and web stats analysis. They combine these tools with astrology and come up with the aligned trends that your business needs to follow to become a brand. As per Astro-Strategist, Business Astrologer Hirav Shah, such astrological techniques for successful and forward-thinking brand-positioning are very popular these days and they are definitely effective as well.”

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