“Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes,” opines Hirav Shah Celebrated Astro-Strategist Cum Business Adviser

“A new year always summons new energy. And after the past year of inevitable uncertainties and change, we’re ready to usher in a new perspective through an overwhelmingly optimistic lens. This year presented many obstacles to overcome; however, it also fostered a necessary reset in our lives, both personally and professionally—and especially within the fashion community”

Meanwhile, Business Strategist Hirav Shah first lists down the most important things to being a successful global fashion designer :

1) Great product

2) Compelling story

3) Smart selling

Great product only happens when you know your customer, very intimately, and you have a specific customer you are designing for. You can’t just say women ages 18-45. Today, there are so many different motivations, you need to be very specific about who you are designing for and why you are making what you make.

A compelling story ties into the big WHY question. Ask yourself why five times, and you will get to the root of why you are designing, and why this particular collection. This is the intimacy and the authenticity shoppers want to hear these days. Hence, brand building and storytelling is the key here.

Smart selling means understanding current business models, your own financial situations, and what you need to achieve specific goals. A lot of designers will try direct to consumers, realize it’s a lot of work, and then try wholesale, which is just as much work, and then get burnt out. Some try crowdfunding – but again, it’s also a lot of work in a totally different way. But in fact, the smartest way for emerging or independent designers to sell is in pre-sales. It solves the cash flow problem and lets the product and brand stand alone for itself.

On that note, Hirav Shah pens down the top 5 emerging Fashion Designers to look for, in 2021.

1.Minju Kim:

Fresh from winning Netflix’s new reality series Next In Fashion and with an almost-sold out capsule collection on luxury retail site Net-A-Porter, South Korean Minju Kim is the latest toast of the fashion town and is one of the emerging designers to look for in 2021.

And now, Kim’s win on the inaugural season of the design competition has given her the dream opportunity to make her name as a globally recognised designer.

Barely a month after the 10-part series was launched on Netflix, the bespectacled, jovial Kim says she has already encountered fans of “dragon princess” on the street. This was the moniker that she and her competition partner Angel Chen from China had dubbed themselves on the show, to the delight of viewers.

With vibrant colours, bold prints and a penchant for billowing shapes reminiscent of the hanbok (Korea’s national costume), Kim’s whimsical pieces have a distinctly Asian inspiration. She believes that leaning into her roots was what gave her the edge in the competition – and is what will allow more Asian designers to earn their places in the fashion world .

2.Chopova Lowena:

To create their brand Chopova Lowena,  friends and designers Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena married two of their distinct features -Chopova ‘s Bulgarian roots and Lowena’s obsession with rockclimbing – to create their brand,Chopova Lowena.

Featuring statement collars, puff sleeves, pleated tartan, and pieces secured with mountaineering carabiners, the duo’s wildly original designs quickly earned the notice of MATCHESFASHION.COM. Now, everyone from Harry Styles to Instagram It-girl Susie Lau are fans.

Chopova and Lowena earned nominations for this year’s LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers as well.

3.Mowalola Ogunlesi :

She is a Nigerian-born fashion designer working and living in London. She is known for working with a wide variety of textiles such as leather and PVC to produce non-traditional silhouettes inspired by Nigerian and London youth culture.

She might not be a household name just yet, but Mowalola Ogunlesi – who’s part of fashion’s talented new vanguard and has dressed Solange Knowles, Kim Kardashian and Naomi Campbell – is about to hit the mainstream. Or about as mainstream as someone as iconoclastic as Ogunlesi will allow. The designer is part of the just-announced YEEZY Gap collaboration, a 10-year partnership between rapper/desiigner Kanye West and the American retailer, taking the prominent role of design director.


The extravagant wardrobes of the old English middle classes are a far-flung fantasy for Steven Stokey-Daley. Still, it’s the codes of this very clothing that the Liverpool-born designer, who just graduated from University of Westminster’s Fashion (BA), explores and queers.

Establishing an eponymous brand wasn’t always on the cards for the Liverpool-born talent, but this recent success has motivated him to continue. The young designer has pursued a made-to-order business model, to ensure that no fabric goes to waste. “Being sustainable is mutually beneficial – it’s the best way to be for the environment, for everyone else, for the planet and for the progression of fashion. It’s also beneficial to me because it’s cost-effective,” Stokey-Daley says.

5.Supriya Lele:

Supriya Lele is a British-Indian designer with an eponymous fashion brand founded in 2016.

Lele’s MA collection caught the eye of Fashion East director Lulu Kennedy and in 2017, she debuted her brand at London Fashion Week as part of the Fashion East showcase.In 2020, Lele was a finalist for the LVMH prize.

In 2021, Supriya Lele will certainly be one of the most promising designers in the world , to look for.

Conclusion :

“Considering how tumultuous 2020 has been, it’s no wonder so many of us are eagerly looking to the stars for reassurance.

Hence, consult a bonafide Astrologer in 2021, for guidance and direction”, Advices Hirav Shah.

Celebrated Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah, Finally Concludes, 

“2021 certainly can be a hopeful and uplifting year, a positive and reviving year. 



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