E-commerce companies tend to opt for SWOT analysis for identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats they might face. While the analysis can spot the external and internal factors that help or undermine a company’s objectives, the method is not without its limitations. Read on to know more.

Classification may not always be as simple as it sounds

There may be times when your e-commerce firms’ strengths can also be its weaknesses and its opportunities can also be its threats. This makes proper classification difficult.

Volume and source of information matters

In case the information about the weaknesses and strengths is voluminous, conducting a meaningful analysis of the firm’s objectives may get difficult. Additionally, the analysis might take under consideration the views of an employee and those may not be correct. For instance, one may opine about a weakness of the firm, but not realize that it can also be turned into a strength.

Does not recognize the problem of management

Certain business elements do not fall under the control of the management. They are fluctuation in raw materials’ cost, level of inflation, the dearth of skilled labor and changes in government legislation.

Not all types of issues can be addressed

SWOT Analysis is more like one size fits all. It takes the same approach for all problems without assessing their depths and complications. This makes it almost unnecessary in some cases.

Experts of the e-commerce industry need to keep these challenges in mind while conducting a SWOT analysis. A learned astrologer can help to understand if it is the right time for the analysis.

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