Firstly, can women rule ?
Can they dominate?
If you are pondering, Hirav Shah Says “Hang On”.
“And Yes”. “Indeed”.

Yes, Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah believes it’s very possible for women to rule the world in 2022. Women’s contributions and accomplishments are being recognised more than ever. Women now have the chance to show off their skill sets

On that note, Hirav Shah in this article, shares with the world as to Women of which zodiac signs will rule and dominate !!


Women of this zodiac sign have a hot blooded and fierce personality but can be very uninhibited as well. They do not realise it but they unknowingly play a governing role in life and business. They are courageous, fiery, and fiercely independent. They are very much aware of their self-worth. This comes out clearly in the attitude they project in life and at work.


Taurus women are tranquil and quiet but they are also very strong willed and adamant and headstrong. They can have a very influencing and commanding personality because of their controlling issues. All in all, Taurus women can and will dominate in 2022. So,watch out for them…


Leo women are straightforward. Although you’d think that this is something that could be negative, there’s nothing more admirable than someone who can speak her mind and that’s what she does. She is never afraid to be frank about anything especially if she knows that it’s for the best.

You might be hurt by whatever she tells you at first but later on, you’ll realize that she needed to tell you that in order for you to grow and to become better. Certainly, Women of Leo Zodiac signs are all set to dominate and rule in 2022.


Scorpio women are passionate and intense characters who enjoy power and success. They are confident in their knowledge and capabilities, often seeing their role as that of advising others. They are persistent and relentless when following a purpose and seek to succeed in their endeavors at all costs. Women falling under this zodiac are indeed dominating and are all set to rule in 2022.


zodiac sign

The women of this zodiac sign value their independence much more than commoners. They just cannot comprehend anybody managing and administering them so this is where their dominating attitude is displayed…at work, business or life.

Final Thoughts

Women of the above-mentioned zodiac signs only want what’s best for the ones they are working with and they won’t hesitate to criticize you if it’s something that will benefit you in the long run. That’s the reason they dominate and hence they are all set to rule too, in 2022.

These women are already strong, it’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength and yes, it’s all gonna happen next year-Concludes Hirav Shah, India’s Astro-Strategist.