Most of us love Apple Brand. I love the iPhone and all its products.
When I check apple brand as a whole astrologically

Aries is a zodiac sign of Apple and as per Numerology Apple name adds to 25 numbers which is ruled by Ketu. Mars is the ruler of Aries and planet for Technology. Ketu is for Innovation and creativity. Ketu and Moon go with each other very easily. Moon is the planet for Emotion and intuition. Apple understands how to deal with emotional buyers and logical buyers.

I figure out two principles behind its huge success. Apple understands the desires of tech-savvy consumers. So they strongly follow INNOVATION in technology every year and the second part is They understand how to market their innovation to very niche people.

Innovation and Marketing played an important role making Apple brand huge.

So the learning part is – adopt Innovation and Marketing in your business, you can have a huge turnaround.

Thank you guys.

Hirav Shah