Recently many of our readers wanted Hirav Shah to talk about the importance of product packaging in terms of improving the brand value of any Business? Mr. Hirav, who is a world-famous Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer and has created marvels in the fields of Business, Sports, Politics, films, and many more industries with his sheer knowledge of Business ideas and astrology, shared hi valuable opinions on Product Packaging in the world of business marketing.

Hirav Shah says, “Apart from the website, product packaging is the main point of contact your brand has. In fact, we can see how the popularity of “unboxing” videos that brings up more than 67 million result searches on YouTube, where custom printed black rigid boxes have been listed as the most favorite packaging boxes so far. In order to grow a business, there are some essential points that every business should consider when it comes to product packaging.”

He continues, “Forget the normal, standard business operations. Today, many successful businesses have been reinventing everything, right from supply chains to customer service. With the booming of e-commerce brands in whole over the world, the traditional retail stores have somehow a bit left behind. Hence, like an e-commerce business, creating the unique product packaging to deliver your product is a ‘must’ task to do.”

Here are some points according to Hirav Shah that must be considered while designing the product packaging.

Make Your Packaging Boxes as an Experience

Let’s admit it, most of us still have that kind of feeling that receiving a package is exciting – and yes, it should be. This is why you need to design your product packaging as an experience that will be a great one for customers to make an unboxing video. Keep it simple yet unique. Consider packing and sending your products within the luxurious look of rigid black boxes will surely amaze your customers.

Make It Personalized

To be noted, your product packaging will be a customer’s first tangible experience with your brand. For this reason, it should be a flawless extension of the visual identity you have established on your official website.

Keep in mind that it’s your brand and products that make your business unique. Thus, make sure to create personalized packaging that will act as your brand ambassador. For instance, if you want to display an elegant identity, then go for the exclusive custom printed black rigid packaging boxes with your brand logo printed shining on the boxes.

Make Your Product Packaging Shareable

For small businesses that mostly have small budgets for marketing, social media can be a powerful tool. If you create a type of product packaging that provokes a feel-good response such as an extraordinary rigid packaging box that will ‘WOW’ your customers, they would likely be sharing that experience with their followers.

This is a perfect way to build your brand awareness as well as shaping loyalty and stronger customers’ relationship with your brand. Plus, it is also a great and cost-effective marketing strategy.

Make It Consistent

No matter how you would design your product packaging, always try to stay consistent with your brand image. If you have established a specific logo on your official website, then make sure to print it on your boxes as well.

The more consistent your brand identity is, the more customers will relate your brand with your message. Consistency is the main key for your business to reach your target audience.

Wrapping Up

Your product packaging is the one that presents an image to the world about your branding – good or bad. The last thing you want your packaging design to say is that your brand is not very noticeable which indicated that you don’t pay attention to your product at all.

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “The relevance of packaging as a marketing influence cannot be overemphasized. When companies create a new package it is most often with the intention of having the design on the market for an extended period of time. In fact, changing a product’s packaging too frequently can have negative effects since customers become conditioned to locate the product based on its package and may be confused if the design is altered. Last but not the least, packaging decisions must also include an assessment of its environmental impact especially for products with packages that are frequently discarded. Packages that are not easily bio-degradable could draw customers and possibly governmental concerns. Also, caution must be exercised in order to create packages that do not infringe on intellectual property rights.”

Hirav Shah, as always advises the entrepreneurs to choose Astro Strategic Analysis to get the perfect idea of marketing your business as Clarity on marketing niche, Specificity, and Certainty are where Astrology can help you tip the scales in your favor. Instead of the ones who look back and analyze, be the one who foresees in advance and plans for better productivity!