Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting somewhere as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society and economy. Tourism can involve primary transportation to the general location, local transportation, accommodation, entertainment, recreation, nourishment and shopping. It can be related to travel for leisure, business and visiting friends and relatives.

Business Strategist Hirav Shah’s 5 Invaluable Tips To Improve Sustainable Tourism –

1.Go Green Yourself

The chance to go green starts with your hotel. If you are staying longer than a day or two, tell them not to change your bed sheet and towels everyday. Similarly turn off your air conditioners, heaters, and other electronic gadgets when you go out.

2.Reduce your Carbon Footprint

One key step in promoting sustainable tourism is reducing your carbon footprint. This is easy to do and will have a big impact. The EPA reported that aircraft accounted for a whooping 9% of greenhouse gas emission. No wonder some airlines now offer the option for anyone booking a ticket to buy some credits to offset carbon footprints.

3.Go Organic And Local

But there are plenty of green tips to offset your carbon footprint other than just buying credits. You can take direct flights, as having several layovers in your trip increases your carbon footprints. Sometimes, this can’t be done, so you may have to consider other options, including buying organic, local products from grocery stores and farmer’s markets.

4.Support Sustainable Options in Island Destinations

Coastal cities and islands often depend on tourist dollars, so more and more islands and coastal areas are being developed in many countries all over the world. In order to accommodate a new influx of tourists, these places are being built out with paved highways, lavish resorts, seaside villas, spas, helicopter landing pads and golf courses.

This dizzying pace is forcing local residents to relocate and driving them away from their livelihoods. Of course, these developments also create jobs; unfortunately, they are often filled by skilled recruits who are not from the islands. This social impact is accompanied by an environmental one. The coastal forests that often protect these islands from typhoons and soil erosion are ripped up to make way for development. So are the mangroves, that are important to many islands’ eco-systems.

Meanwhile, to jumpstart the country’s outbound commercial travel, India has established air bridges (aka air bubbles) with 13 countries — Japan being the newest addition to the list in December. These are the locales you can travel safely to. Here’s the complete list:

  • Maldives
  • Iraq
  • Bangladesh
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Afghanistan
  • Bahrain, Qatar
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ethiopia
  • USA
  • UAE.

5.Take Care of Heritages Places

Heritage sites you visit are likely visited by millions of other people a year, so care needs to be taken to allow others to enjoy them as well.

These monuments and artefacts are so old and fragile that they are sensitive to the touch of hands or bags and shoes, not to mention pens.

India probably has more historical monuments per square meter than any other nation on the Earth. Every dynasty, irrespective of it being home-grown to that of the invaders have all left their mark in the form of their heritage value.

Initiative needs to be taken by us to impact these sites and their environments positively.


Now we all know why sustainable tourism has become so vital today.
Meanwhile, after a tough year, the new coronavirus vaccine has come as a lifeboat for the travel industry drowning in a sea of despair. Although revival hopes have been strong in the last quarter of 2020, uncertainty continues to loom large on the horizon with the new mutated strain of the virus infecting people at Godspeed. While many are willing to join the boat and globetrot the world, others are just testing waters one foot at a time.

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