You’ve known about hacking PCs, hacking cell phones and hacking email. You’ve even known about hacking races. However, shouldn’t something be said about hacking your body? The idea is called biohacking. While it might seem like something out of Brave New World, it’s actually about personal growth, and there are various approaches to fuse methods of biohacking the body and brain into your everyday schedule.

In this blog, celebrated Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah discusses three of his most loved biohacking methods: cryotherapy, red light treatment and dynamic sequential compression. He says that the blend of these methods is “animating, fortifying and permits me to recuperate such a ton quicker and perform at a more elevated level.” Give yourself an edge in sports and in existence with these three top techniques – and find five additional approaches to biohack the body.


Hirav Shah says, “We should begin with the essentials. Biohacking is basically the act of changing our chemistry and our physiology through science and self-experimentation to stimulate and upgrade the body. It’s an expansive definition, but on the other hand that is on the grounds that the idea is continually advancing. It incorporates executing ways of life and dietary changes that improve the working of your body, just as wearable technology to help you screen and manage physiological information. It can even rush to limits, for example, utilizing implant technology and genetic engineering.

The prospects are perpetual, however, they are completely established in the possibility that we can change our bodies and our minds, and that thus we can, at last, get more brilliant, quicker and better as people.

Begin biohacking your body by utilizing wearables like the FitBit or the Apple Watch to follow the manner in which you work. You could likewise begin exploring different avenues regarding the force of music in your regular daily existence and receiving a supportable healthy eating routine.

Yet, in case you’re prepared for something new, and something other than what’s expected, consider one of these non-obtrusive methods from our biohacking aide and see what benefits your harvest:



Cryotherapy or cold treatment is a biohacking strategy that uncovered the whole body to freezing temperatures. Cryotherapy causes serious vasoconstriction all through the body. At the point when the body gets back to ordinary temperature, there is a surge of blood back to the tissues, which carries with it loads of supplements and minerals – and gives you an endorphin surge.

The most awesome aspect of cryotherapy is that it requires just three minutes. Our time is important. The greater part of us doesn’t have an hour consistently for a back rub or an alignment specialist visit. However, we presumably have three minutes. It’s awesome for this animating, reestablishing experience.

Athletes from Usain Bolt to Floyd Mayweather use cryotherapy for sports recuperation and to perform at their best. This biohacking technique is getting more famous and open, multiplying in development in America for four straight years. Hirav Shah says, “When you experience it straightforwardly, you’ll never return.”


Red light therapy

Have you at any point invested a great deal of energy inside and started to feel… off? Our bodies and cerebrums need light to work at their best. Not exclusively does the sun give us a significant portion of nutrient D, however, it helps us in various other physiological and passionate manners. How about we look somewhat nearer – explicitly at the light frequencies somewhere in the range of 600 and 900 nanometers (nm). How does this scope of light waves sway us and how might we utilize it to biohack the body?

Studies have shown that your body reacts especially well to red and close infrared frequencies, which range from 600 to 900 nm. This specific scope of light waves is consumed by the skin to a profundity of around 8 to 10 millimetres, so, all in all, your mitochondrial chromophores ingest the photons. This actuates some of the sensory systems and metabolic cycles.

In plainer terms, red light treatment has become an inexorably mainstream type of biohacking used to treat various conditions. It has been demonstrated to soothe torment, reduce irritation and reestablish work. Also, on the grounds that it is a non-intrusive and non-compound treatment, it’s not as scary as different types of biohacking.

Here are a few places that offer red light treatment:

  • Rheumatologist or dermatologist
  • Gyms
  • Clinical spas
  • At home utilizing red light therapy items


Man taking therapy for his knee in a hospital

As Hirav Shah says, “On the off chance that you don’t get the earth out of your fuel tank, the fuel won’t work as expected.” That’s the reason he centres around purifying and detoxing first prior to reinforcing. The best approach to do that is through the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is the “sewage system” of the body. It gets out the waste and lactic corrosive that develops from working out and from normal real cycles. Compression treatment builds the bloodstream to specific pieces of the body, flushing out poisons and accelerating recuperation.


Untitled design (76)


We gab about heart health. All things considered, coronary illness is the #1 enemy of ladies in the United States. Everybody should know about cardiovascular illnesses and how to secure themselves overall quite well. As a culture, we additionally gab about skin health – slathering on sunscreen as a component of our day by day schedule and enhancing our eating regimens with collagen-boosting food varieties. Weight reduction, aggravation, memory, GI health and how an unhealthy eating routine and absence of activity can rashly age you – these are all at the cutting edge of our psyches. Yet, how regularly do we consider the health of our bones?

An abatement in bone health creeps up on you and the vast majority are unconscious of how bone density changes after some time. Generally, up until the age of 30, people really construct more bone than they lose, so we are continually reinforcing our bones and chipping away at bone density. However, when we hit our mid-30s, things change. Furthermore, in the event that you’ve passed that benchmark, you may have felt that shift.

In the wake of arriving at their mid-30s, ladies lose about 2% of bone density consistently, and that proceeds for a couple of years following menopause. This leaves ladies with a high probability of encountering osteoporosis.

Men, then again, lose bone density at a much slower rate, yet they keep on losing bone mass until the time of around 65. So despite the fact that they may have a sufficient bone mass for a more drawn out timeframe, the more established they get, the more powerless they are to create osteoporosis.


So what do you do? Consider attempting OsteoStrong, a non-drug method of improving bone density, strength and equilibrium as one of your biohacking techniques.

As per OsteoStrong’s site, research demonstrates that the improvement required to enact the development of healthy bone tissue is 4.2 products of body weight. Nonetheless, this degree of power would be particularly hard to accomplish all alone. That is the reason OsteoStrong uses the Spectrum System, which is essential for another classification of gadgets called the Robotic Musculoskeletal Development System (RDMS).

The Spectrum System comprises four separate gadgets. Under the management of a prepared specialist, every gadget permits you to accomplish powers more than five to multiple times your own body weight.

The organization behind OsteoStrong keeps up that this system isn’t intended to supplant work out, however, to enhance it. Indeed, their system is intended to expand bone and strong strength such that you can’t accomplish in an exercise centre yet will show quick outcomes in the manner you perform while working out. This biohacking technique is intended to improve your general health by offering additional help to your skeletal system. It very well may be finished by everybody at each age – and it just requires around seven minutes of the week. Clients have seen increments of four to 12% in bone density each year.


Intermittent Fasting

We can’t have a discussion about health and biohacking without looking at biohacking your diet. Carb-light dinners. Eating the correct sorts of fats. Swearing off sugar. Eating more superfoods.

The new examination has discovered that it’s not exactly what we eat, it’s the point at which we eat that can have a tremendous effect. Numerous specialists have gone to irregular fasting to assist you with upgrading your body’s sustenance consumption. Discontinuous fasting won’t just assist you with losing fat yet additionally acquire muscle and energy.

On the off chance that you just jumped at “fasting,” we hear you. The thought of delayed fasting – not eating for 48 to 72 hours – isn’t functional for the normal individual. Yet, discontinuous fasting offers a cheer in the middle. It’s a greater amount of an eating design that you follow for the duration of the day, not an antiquated diet, and will permit you to in any case receive a significant number of the rewards of a genuine quick.

To comprehend why discontinuous fasting works, you need to make the differentiation between your body being in a “taken care of state” and a “abstained state.” When your body is taken care of, you are processing and retaining food. As a rule, you are taken care of for around three to five hours in the wake of eating. During this stage, your insulin levels are high and your body is centred around absorption.

At the point when your body is permitted to rest – during the abstained state – you experience various advantages. At the point when you are quick, you increment your degrees of development chemicals by as much as multiple times their typical rate, which helps your metabolic rate. Fasting can likewise reduce your insulin opposition, which brings down your glucose and ignites stored muscle versus fat more available. A few specialists show that irregular fasting may likewise reduce LDL cholesterol (the “terrible cholesterol”) which is a realized danger factor with regards to coronary illness.

Fasting may likewise give various other huge advantages including improved intellectual function, malignancy anticipation, expanded cell autophagy (cell squander expulsion) and lower levels of irritation.

While there are numerous adaptations of irregular fasting, the easiest to understand is the “16/8” technique (otherwise called the Leangains convention). This strategy spins around a direct construction in which you confine your every day eating period to eight hours. For instance, every day you eat from 1 pm to 9 pm and quickly for the other 16 hours.

Biohacking your body includes giving new techniques and tracking down a shot of what works. Substitute day fasting makes them quick one day, at that point eating regularly the following. You may limit calories one day, at that point eat ordinarily the following. The 5:2 strategy includes eating ordinarily five days per week and totally fasting the other two days. You can likewise stretch or abbreviate your eating window.

Does this sort of diet sound scary? Start with a 14-hour quick for multi-week. With this quick, you can eat from 10 am to 8 pm, at that point quick for the following 14 hours. At the point when that gets familiar, slice back to an eating time of 11 am to 8 pm for a week, etc until you arrive at a fasting time of 16 hours.


Music incredibly affects the mind. With more than 100 billion neurons that are continually utilizing power to converse with one another, your cerebrum resembles Grand Central Station. On the off chance that everybody is chatting uproariously simultaneously, it may very well be hard to focus on what you need to complete. That is the place where music biohacking comes in. Cerebrum action can be measured in a wave-like example and decides whether you feel ready, lethargic, loose or focused. Things that can influence your brainwaves to incorporate the action you are as of now performing, how much helpful rest you’ve had and what you’ve quite recently eaten or drank.

Perhaps the most solid approach to change your brainwaves is through a predictable sound wave. Sound entrainment, a type of music biohacking, utilizes binaural beats and tones to synchronize with your cerebrum waves and incite a thoughtful, loosened upstate. You can get to programs grown explicitly for your own cerebrum and the exercises you need to achieve at Brain.FM If you’re not all set that far, you can in any case change your disposition and attitude by lining up your number one playlist and tuning in while you work out, cook breakfast or drive to work.


How we see life hugely affects our states of mind, how we treat others and our overall degrees of satisfaction. At the point when you have a plenitude mentality, you’re reliably thankful for all that comes in your direction and is constantly centred around the positive. Struggle to embrace this sort of viewpoint? Changing your mentality is truly about just practice. You need to reliably pull together your mind to see the positive in each circumstance until it turns out to be natural. These biohacking techniques and devices can help:

A gratitude diary in which you compose three to five things you’re appreciative for helps you reevaluate the day to zero in on the positive and consider every one of the beneficial things that happen to you.

Go for a gratitude stroll where you express appreciation and send positive energy to each living thing you see. In the event that you stroll to work or take a morning run, you can undoubtedly fuse this into your typical daily schedule.

Compose a week after week letter of gratitude to somebody who has helped you or who implies a ton to you. It very well may be a relative, a tragically missing companion or even an associate who consistently makes sure to stock your #1 espresso.

Start the day with a custom, for example, ruminating, and set a goal to be thankful for all you experience.


Working out, eating right and building up the correct outlook are significant strides to opening a remarkable life. Biohacking assists you with taking this to a higher level by joining supplements that improve the centre, increment energy and help your body profit from the most bioavailable types of supplements accessible.

We frequently don’t get every one of the nutrients and minerals we need to keep us at top execution. Great supplements such as pills, shakes, bars or beverages can fill the dietary hole and help support execution, detoxify our systems and accomplish everyday energy.


Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “What is biohacking? It’s a method to change your body, your health and your cerebrum so you can arrive at your objectives and accomplish a pinnacle perspective. Regardless of whether you use supplements, technology like red light treatment or you make changes to join a bounty attitude, biohacking is intended to help you make enduring, positive change.

Need assistance fusing biohacking into your life? Talk with an expert, similar to a mentor, and begin teaching yourself regarding the matter. When you’re prepared to start, your body will thank you for all the difficult work you’ve placed into making it all that it very well may be.