Your startup requires multiple things to pay attention to, and among the multiple options, a physical place to discuss and work with your folks is essential from the very beginning of your journey. It will create a positive ambiance for you all to continue your work and it is the first step towards your success. And apart from offering you space to work and a peaceful ambiance to think about further things, a co-working space is more beneficial for you.

Recently celebrated Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah shared his thoughts about the benefits of starting a startup in a coworking space.

Hirav Shah says, “Creative entrepreneurs everywhere are looking for ways to make their day more enjoyable and productive.

It’s challenging when you’re spending your day on your laptop, especially if it is only a kitchen tablet or sofa – it’s easy to be distracted and start binge-watching a new television series. Perhaps if you have a unique team of people, it isn’t always desirable to meet up in a living room or coffee shop.

“Obviously, saving money on rent seems like the perfect choice – especially when you’ve only just started a business.”

He adds, “Coworking spaces are becoming an increasingly popular option, especially for new and upcoming businesses. They appear in big and small cities, in a way to challenge high rent costs and all the other negatives that come with signing a lease.

It might seem like a difficult choice, and you might be researching coworking spaces. So, how can a coworking space turn your startup into a success?

Coworking spaces have become something of a buzzword. What exactly is a coworking space, and what makes them different from a regular office, or a public area like a library or coffee shop?

Hirav Shah tells, “They are, essentially, shared workspaces. They’re perfect for those looking for isolation, or great places to have meetings and complete team projects.

These shared workspaces differ from location to location. They offer suite-like offices, private meeting rooms, or shared desks. They even come with kitchens, coffee, and more.

Most of the time, they also come with a particular community behind them. This means that you can find like-minded people passionate about entrepreneurship in these spaces.

For example, freelancers, startups, and small teams can be surrounded by like-minded people. Here are specific ways that can create success for your new venture.

According to Hirav Shah, here are the 4 benefits of starting your startup in a coworking zone:

Bridges Communication

When you are renting an ordinary place for an office, the number of hassles you will face is countless; on the other hand, opting for a readymade office is bliss for a startup. It has multiple advantages for your journey and helping you in communicating with others who are associated with the same domain is the most helpful one for you. As you are a beginner, you will need guidance, and who can deny that having someone beside you to show the right path is not necessary? The significance of guidance is priceless and you will get to know more successful people of the domain by booking a co-working place.

Peaceful Ambience:

Many prefer to work by sitting in a coffee shop or free Wi-Fi- zone, however, do you think you will get the required ambiance to discuss your business strategy with your folks there? Certainly not. And to solve this situation here is the best solution, which is working in a co-working place. As these places are made to suit with work mode requirements, you will get each and every requirement for a peaceful working setting.

Flexible Amenities:

Most of the rented places, which are made for corporate workers are designed with amazing facilities. The list of amenities you will get is endless and the best part about booking these places is these are flexible according to the users’ requirement. For example, these places are equipped with free Wi-Fi and networking team, if you do not need such things, you can freely reject these amenities and save your pocket. Without paying for most of the available facilities you need to pay for those which you will use.

Readymade Set-Up:

In ordinary places, you have to invest in the required furniture to set up your startup, however, in these places; you will get the entire set up in readymade condition, which is a hassle-free experience. You don’t need to find a carpenter or order furniture online; you will get what you need to begin your startup journey.

Companies that started from coworking spaces

Many companies have started from a coworking space. For years, they’ve been seen as something that freelancers and independent professionals use.

However, many startups that are trying to go on bigger and better things have started from these spaces.

The benefits of coworking can help to develop a business into a game-changing, successful company. Here are some examples of incredible companies that started from a coworking space.

1. Uber
2. Spotify
3. Instagram
4. Ofo

and many more…

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “Coworking has proved to the future for many companies. It’s a creative and innovative way to work for yourself, and also meet new people.

Explore your options, and ask for free trials. You might find that making the way out of your house for a few days a week is the best option for you and your company.

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