Style is personal. You can always mimic your style after someone else, or mix and match different people’s styles, but it always ends up being your own. Because nobody is the same, no one’s style is the same.

Style is in fact wearing your personality. It’s taking who you are as a person; your thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires etc. And putting that on as an outfit, Opines Business Strategist, Hirav Shah.

How To Find Your Own Style:

Hirav Shah is of the view that-Style is as much about knowing about yourself as well as knowing what you want to portray. If you are assured of this knowledge, other people’s opinions don’t really matter.

1. Understand your body

Knowledge is power. So the first thing you need to understand is what kind of body you have and what works for you. If you have a good understanding of your body shape and your strengths and weaknesses, you can buy the right clothes to either accentuate or camouflage them.

Once you have discovered that, you can start thinking about the desired silhouette you want to create and create a balanced outfit.

2. Understand your personality

Write down some words that describe your personality. How would you currently describe it? Do you feel that your style reflects your personality? Mindset plays important role to define your personality. Positive thinking  and Negative thinking both are very important.

3. Which colours inspire you?

Colours can also have a huge effect on your style and how you feel. Understand how certain colours make you feel. If you don’t use much colour in your current style, you may start to experiment a bit by adding bits of colours through accessories and see how these make you feel.

Meanwhile Astro Strategist™ Hirav Shah Says – Though all colours will stimulate pleasure, happiness and joy, Green, Blue and Golden will stay as 2021’s most favourable colours.

4. Keep a scrapbook or pin the styles that inspire you

Whenever you see others wearing clothes you admire or like, try to get a picture and paste it in a note or scrapbook or pin it on Pinterest. After a while, you will see a pattern developing of the kind of styles that you like. Take note of that and remind yourself about this style before going for the latest fashionable trend.

5. Be critical of your current wardrobe

Be honest. Which garments in your closet do you really like? How many of the garments have you not worn for a long time. How many were ‘mistakes’. Again, write down what didn’t work. Which clothes make you happy? Then donate or swap any items that you know don’t really work for you. They may be great pieces, but if they don’t suit YOU or your body type or create the silhouette you are after, you will not look stylish in them.

6. Make sure that every item you buy fits you

We’re sure this happened to you. You see an absolutely wonderful piece of clothing at a rock bottom price. It fits your body, style, personality and creates a silhouette you like. You try it on, but it’s just a little bit too short or too tight. You buy it anyway because the piece is so lovely and it’s cheap. This is a big mistake. Any clothing that does not fit you properly will never look good on you. So please beware of sales and only buy new clothes when you really adore them and they fit you properly (or that you can easily alter to fit you).

7. Keep a notebook or diary of your outfits or take pictures

You may already pin images or make a scrapbook of clothes that inspire you, but also try to really understand which clothes you actually wear make you feel great !

If you felt wonderful on any particular day wearing a certain outfit, write it down. Or better even, take a picture. Taking pictures of yourself is a great help in recognising which outfits worked and looked good and which ones didn’t. This will help you identify your style and prevent you from making buying mistakes.

8. Try to identify the components of your style and only follow the latest trends when they fit your style

True style defies fashion trends. Although it is nice to add some trendy pieces each season, you should only go for the trends that suit you.

Try to wait for a trend that suits you and then buy several pieces.

9. Make sure your wardrobe contains all the necessary style basics

If through all of the above you got a clearer sense of what you like and what suits you, you need to determine if you have the basic essentials necessary for your particular style.

10. Make your style extra special with the right statement pieces and accessories

Once you have covered the basics of your style, look for some wonderful statement pieces that are truly unique for you. Try to be creative and mix both high and low end brands together. Create something unique!


Several lockdowns later and almost a year after, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered not only life but major lifestyle choices to fit people’s stay-at-home requirements. Not socializing and staying indoors has led people to rely on comfort over style, and it is pretty understandable. Chilling in your tracksuit is definitely the new normal today. And you can bedazzle the tracksuit-look to feel stylish as well since “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

Meanwhile, be it style or fashion or architecture or real estate or any business or corporate world, today hope and certainty have been instilled inside people.

The reason is Astro-Strategy.

For any business to be successful, the key focus should be on developing a strong foundation. With only Astro-Strategic guidance, you can ensure that your bases are covered. Then certainly, you can have your business transformed in front of you , Concludes Hirav Shah, Leading Business Astrologer™ and Astro-Strategist.