Nothing last forever, neither pain nor happiness

Happiness does not last forever, but always comes back in packs and pockets, and we are looking up to it in the coming few months. The face of the country today isn’t the most desirable; neither will this pain last for long.

Business Astrologer™ cum Astro Strategist Hirav Shah says, sticking together through such unpredictable times is what matters the most, and the people are undoubtedly helping each other in every possible way. Amidst all this hustle and bustle, it is important for us all to stay in our senses and try to find positivity even in the tiniest bits.

Being with our loved ones, our families are itself a therapy, but the happiness quotient in all these can be intensified to a lot more only by adding quirky elements like healthy living or by making fritters at home by experimenting with a lot more things than just potatoes. In times of such unpredictability, it is significant to get hold of each day in ways you never imagined. Live every day happily and with your loved ones. Make every possible effort to win their heart and keep doing things that keep you positive and thriving.

According to Hirav Shah, here are a few things you can do to stay healthy and positive during the challenging times


Meditate at your home or on your terrace and have some me time for yourself regardless of your schedule or stress. Meditation is an absolutely perfect way to lose all the worries that sustain in our minds every day. And during these times it is extra important to increase efficiency by doing these things.


You have to cook for yourself and your family every day anyway, what you can do here is make things that are not expected by your family. From fritters to malai tikkas, try the most exotic dishes that you know. And you can always take help with YouTube tutorials and surprise your family with something delicious. You can also bake for the whole family and celebrate the moment of togetherness with your family.


Paint your heart and make a beautiful sketch of what is going on in your mind. Every day, paint something new and special, close to your heart, and save these paintings to see them in the future. Post them on your social media, as well as get good vibes from all around.


Dance every day with your family, or join your friends on Google meet and do a party thing with your people every other day. Place a mirror in your room and dance away your heart to keep up the good spirit and have a healthy heart and life till everything gets back to normal.

Singing in group

Sing with friends and family, all together, and make a lovely room and spirit family for all your loved ones. It is therapeutic to be with people you are comfortable with and do something as liberating as singing in note the most polite vocals but shouting as loud as you want and as arrhythmic as you can be.


Exercising daily is anyways an utmost requirement of the human body although sadly people don’t get the time to do the necessary on time and daily. With this lock-down, we have an opportunity to be at our places, and by saving the time we spend on traveling, we can easily find an hour to exercise and watch YouTube tutorials that teach us how to do it better.

Maintaining a schedule

Make a schedule and make a promise to stick by it as well. To wake up every day, decide on a time, and sleep on time too. Make minimum use of your gadgets and minimize your screen time to keep a check on your health. Eat on time as well to avoid any weight gaining that is not healthy for you. Set alarms if need be but don’t leave something as crucial as your health on fate.

Talking healthy

Communication is a big part of how we survive and how we like to keep our relationships. Talking healthy is all about being free-spirited and making conversations that are fruitful and respectable. Talk about things that give you peace of mind, and do not talk ill about anybody. In challenging times like these, it is more essential to pray for people we know and around the world.

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “Whether giving yourself some spiritual time, listening to an audiobook, or spending time working out makes you feel good, embrace it and try to fit it into challenging times in life. Practicing self-care in these unprecedented times could help to give you a more positive outlook throughout, ready to emerge with gusto when we’re all back into the swing of things.

End your day, every day, with a positive acknowledgment of something you learned, accomplished, or are grateful for. It will help dilute some of the negativity you’ve absorbed and reminds you that not everything that’s happening right now is depressing or bad.