The secret to better work productivity is a good night’s sleep. Rather, it can be said that the best kept secret to high productivity is quality sleep.

It’s also a commonality between the most successful people on the planet.

On that note, Hirav Shah, the most influential business transformation leader of India, explains the sleeping habits of people who knows how to climb up the corporate ladder, how to in this article below…

Sleeping Habits of 5 Successful Personalities

1. Oprah Winfrey

Born on 29 January 1954 (currently in her 69th year), Oprah Winfrey reportedly gets eight hours of sleep between the hours of 10pm and 6am, with her last and first thoughts of the day centered upon immense gratitude.

In the morning, rather than checking out her phone, the talk show host, author, and philanthropist brushes her teeth and cares for her dogs before straightway heading to her home gym.

“I have never fixed an alarm, I don’t believe in them. My first thought once I wake up is, ‘Oh, I’m alive. Thank you!’

“I usually get into bed and I have volumes and volumes of gratitude journals by my bedside. The last thing I do before I go to sleep is write five things that gave me immense pleasure or that I was grateful for”-Quoted Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah’s routine is most likely inspired by the advice of her sleep doctor Dr Michael Breus, who says:“The secret to sleep is to pay deep attention to what you’re doing in those precious few hours before bedtime.”

2. Jeff Bezos

Born on 12 January 1964 (currently in his 59th year), Amazon’s Founder and Executive Chairman accepts that while it can sometimes be next to impossible, he prioritizes eight hours of sleep, choosing to go to bed and get up early.

Bezos is also strategic with his use of time, fixing his most important meetings before lunch. His mornings are spent doing homely activities like going through the newspaper and having coffee with his family.

Jeff Bezos had quoted-“For me, I require eight hours of sleep. I can think better, I have more energy, my mood is much better”.

“Anything that’s going to be really mentally taxing is a 10am meeting, because by 5pm I’m like, I can’t think more about this issue today. Let’s try this again tomorrow at 10am. My pottering time is crucial to me, so that’s why I set my first meeting for 10 o’clock.”

3. Jack Ma

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Born on 10 September 1964 and presently in his 58th year, the Co-Founder and former Executive Chairman of Chinese ecommerce site Alibaba doesn’t let daily stress and worries stop him from having a restful night’s sleep, stating that nothing and absolutely nothing keeps him awake at night.

Ma knows that there will always be demands and disputes in business that need to be overcome, but he doesn’t allow these hindrances to impact his sleep.

His suggestion is to “sleep well no matter what”

“I know if I cannot sleep well the issues will still be there. If I sleep well, I have a chance tomorrow to combat them.”- Quoted Jack Ma.

4. Elon Musk

Despite managing numerous businesses, including SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink and The Boring Company, Elon Musk, born on 28 June 1971 and presently in his 51st year makes sure, he gets six hours of sleep a night, claiming that this much suffices.

“I tried sleeping less, but then total productivity is reduced. I don’t find myself wanting more sleeping hours than six [hours]. I do work a lot. Usually I work until one or two in the morning. Saturday and Sunday mostly not, but sometimes.”-Quoted Elon Musk.

5. Warren Buffett

Born on 30 August 1930 and currently in his 92nd year, World’s top investor Warren Buffett values his sleep very much and packs off to bed by 10.45pm to enjoy a full eight hours of good sound sleep. This is crucial, as 80 per cent of his days are spent reading, which needs a lot of mental energy.

“I get quite a good bit of sleep. I like sleeping so I will usually sleep eight hours a night”- Warren Buffett had Quoted.

Final Thoughts

Here are few lines on tips to get a good night sleep. Improving, and your sleep quality is vital for your productivity because the restorative part of sleep, including the portion that helps solidify information into your memory, takes place in the stage of sleep called rapid eye movement (REM).

So, don’t get sleep-deprived because it’s essential for your productivity at work, and also it’s vital for your physical and mental health-Concludes Hirav Shah, Renowned Business Enhancement Expert.