As you can’t really manage time which is already fixed as 24 hours a day, sixty minutes in an hour, time management is nothing but managing yourself. You can plan on how to divide the 24 hours fruitful mode, by taking actions to reduce or eliminate time wasters, says Astro strategist and business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

To make the most of the time you have available in a day, Hirav Shah comes up with time management techniques.

Manage your time in a day

Stop spending more time on social media

Everyone has certain distractions that interrupt them and take their time away from their work. Nowadays, spending more time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc is killing your valuable time. Instead, set a time, then check and deal with all of them like browsing and chatting with friends by giving yourself 30 minutes and then get back on a mainstream task.

Organized planning

To effectively manage your time and be productive each day, you have to create the right environment. For this, eliminate useless clutter, set up an effective filing system, have a nearby place for all the work items you need frequently and utilize workflow management tools to help you create a productive environment.

Keep an eye on your health

A sufficient amount of sleep, healthy eating, and exercise will give you the energy, focus, and stamina required to make the most out of your day. Though work is more important, try to manage time for sleep, food, and exercise to keep active throughout the day. If you lose your health, it will indeed postpone your most essential work.

Categorize your work with the Glass Jar technique

Firstly, give preference to Rocks that means your most essential strategic projects, later Pebbles means work which is significant but not an emergency and finally deal with sand that is insignificant and less significant tasks. By following the same pattern, you can finish work on time with less burden and stress. These, are few techniques to become the master of your own time.

The sand [Distractions] – it verbalizes all social media notifications and other interrupting elements.

The pebbles[Urgencies]– it metaphorically stands for the jobs we’re faced with every day and that fill our diaries.

The rocks [Priorities]– it represents the significant tasks in our daily lives.

Apply this approach to plan your days, and you will see as time goes on that you are able to accomplish more in less time. Each day will be organized and become more productive and profitable.

Learn how to be diplomatic

Though it’s critical to learn new things, it’s also equally indispensable to know when and how to be assertive and let people know you can’t handle their request at the moment if the request conflicts with you achieving your goals. If you do agree to take on the task, negotiate a deadline that helps them achieve their goals without sacrificing your own.

Win over Procrastination by using 4D formula

What are the consequences of not doing the task at all? Consider the 80/20 rule; maybe it doesn’t need to be done in the first place, and delete it. If the task is important, ask yourself if it’s really something that you are responsible for doing in the first place. Can the task be given to someone else? Then delegate it to others. Postponing any significant task that needs to be done only creates feelings of anxiety and stress. Do it as early in the day as you can. If the task is one that can’t be completed quickly and is not a high priority item, simply defer it.


By following the above-mentioned key points, one can overcome all the hurdles and manage time to complete their tasks in a day or week. To conclude, business and Astro strategist Hirav Shah also believes that time management will not only help to complete work on time, but also develops discipline and determination in each individual.