With features like doorstep pick-up and delivery, the on-demand business model has helped individuals around the world. By offering the services and features that help an individual to save their time and money on-demand apps have become a buzz in the corporate sector. In this blog, celebrated Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah discusses the latest trend of on-demand business models and what makes them so successful. He also sheds light on 5 business ideas to start your own on-demand business.

Hirav Shah says, “Everyone highly appreciated Uber’s business model when it first made its presence felt in the market. Started as a small start-up now the company has revolutionized the way of doing business, bringing out an easy and unique way for entrepreneurs and start-ups to achieve success.

He adds, “The idea of ordering online through a mobile app certainly has got the potential to help both the parties who are looking for on-demand service and the entrepreneur who has brought forward the idea of that particular service.

What is an on-demand business model?

On-demand Business is a way of immediate, instant, and prompt delivery of services and goods to customers at their doorstep. Also, it is a way created by tech-driven organizations to fulfill the consumer’s demands instantly. Further, the on-demand business model is ideal for users who look for simple, easy, and fast solutions.

According to Hirav Shah, the on-demand economy lures more than 22 million users annually. And the economy has crossed $57.6 billion just in the US alone. If you are in a dilemma of whether to start your on-demand business is a great idea or not? These reports simply go in favor and there is no better time than now to start your own on-demand business.

Ideas for your on-demand

From healthcare to healthcare, transportation to real estate almost every other industry is taking advantage of on-demand service as all you need is an app that offers the functionality of the on-demand model. All you need is someone who can build an app for you. To solve your query of what to build here are the 5 best ideas to start an on-demand business.

1. On-demand app for taxi business

Uber is the perfect example, offering the doorstep pick and drop and easy booking of a cab with just a mobile app has performed exceptionally well in the market. You can do the same with a mobile app like Uber that represents your brand. Because Uber is not everywhere and it still lacks some functionality.

2. On-demand app for food delivery businesses

In today’s competitive world everyone is busy increasing their bank balance. After all, you need everything today. However in this race to earn more we all miss out on everything, taking care of our physical self is one of them. With the on-demand app for the food delivery business, you can offer the availability of good/healthy food 24/7 to your users. With the advanced features such as ordering food from any restaurant right from the app.

3. On-demand courier business’

Offer the same delivery feature and start with your new courier delivery business. You must be thinking, how to do it? But with the people in place and an app to process all the requests one can easily start their courier business. The on-demand app is already packed with advanced features that are useful for both the business and the user. So all you have to do is find a reliable app developer in the market.

4. On-demand app for hotel booking

Travel culture is expanding and so is the requirement for easy hotel room booking. With an on-demand app for a hotel booking app, you can start your new business. The market is still pretty unexplored, you can even implement advanced technologies such as AR or VR to give an even better experience to your user.

5. On-demand app for handyman service

Not everyone knows how to use a hammer. The art of fixing is no longer something that every man knows today. But if you have the resources and you are good at fixing things maybe you should start or expand your own handyman business. Offer the easy accessibility to book your service and all you need is an app to do that, an on-demand app to be precise.

In concluding the discussion Hirav Shah says, “The main motto of an on-demand business model is the growth of business with a constant increase to accessibility. It is essential to upgrade your product regularly for this reason. This means the entrepreneurs must have the on-demand business equipment and the architecture supporting it. Also, in the long run, satisfying the customers will in-turn benefit your business. You will, therefore, be able to enjoy a high Return on Investment.”

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