Whether the investors are first-time investors in the real estate industry or regular investors of the real estate industry, most of the investors prefer investing in either vacant land or constructed property from residential, commercial, or industrial real estate market segments.

Celebrated Property and Real Estate Astrologer cum Business Transformation Expert Hirav Shah says, “Astro Strategist™ cum Like every other investment has its pros and cons similarly, real estate investments also have their risks and benefits. However, if you are looking to create a stable source of your second income and later plan to further expand your then, according to real estate experts, it’s wise to build your portfolio by investing in residential property.

Hirav Shah adds, “The reason is residential real estate property offers a stable source of income via rentals, hence considered the best in terms of market growth. However, the last decision of investing in whichever market segment of the real estate industry entirely rests over you as it’s your hard-earned money that you are risking.

As per Hirav Shah, here are 3 types of real estate investments that will help new investors reap money!

Vacant Land

Raw land property and new construction investment are separate genres of real estate investment and diversify a real estate investment portfolio.

Raw land investment is where an investor purchases a piece of vacant land that has any unique feature such as an ideal location or size, etc. This makes it charming and striking, increasing its growth in terms of profit for the investor.

Whereas new construction investment means the investor invests in only the construction of a property and not the land. New construction investment is a recent real estate investment trend in which investors proactively invest.

New construction and raw land investment are new concepts of investment in the real estate industry; therefore, not many real estate investors are aware of the advantages of investing in new construction and raw land.

New construction and raw land investment allow investors to either use their investment to build the property from scratch or to build and hold a property long-term. Either way, both the real estate techniques provide unique investment opportunities to real estate investors with a greater return of investments.

However, one thing that is to be made clear here is that any investor considering investing in new construction and raw land real estate property should remember that before investing, a thorough market survey and research must be conducted. The chances of profit gain are increased while the land that is being funded is a desirable one and becomes a source of higher profit due to the improvements in market dynamics rather than preventing growth.


The most common and successful investment opportunity in residential real estate property is rental residential and that too single-family houses!

Apart from single-family homes, some other rental real estate options are vacation homes, duplexes, multi family homes, etc.

Most real estate investors prefer residential rental property as it is the fastest and easiest way to gain an increased amount of profit constantly.

There are several various strategies and many levels of competition in the rental residential real estate market. However, every rental residential real estate investor cannot implement all those strategies. Because what strategy works for one may not be an ideal solution for another. Therefore, figure out a strategy that is the best fit for you.

To cut short, if rental residential real estate is managed correctly, it will generate handsome profit as it not only becomes a source of steady income but also helps in smartly avoiding heavy taxes.

Commercial Real Estate Property

The best investment opportunity in the real estate property market for investors looking to make a massive investment in developing and enhancing the quality of their local community is commercial real estate property.

Commercial properties include shopping centers, hospitality, retail, offices, etc.

The main reason investors usually prefer commercial real estate properties is that the potential cash flow is excellent. Apart from increased cash flow, a lesser rate of vacancy and longer leases are also significant factors due to which heavy investors prefer investing in commercial real estate property.

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