About Surat :

Surat is a city located in Gujarat, India. It is the capital of the Surat Metropolitan Region. Surat is well connected to all major cities in India through rail, road and air transport. The city is also well connected to other parts of the country through the Indian railway network. Surat is the second largest trading hub in India after Mumbai.

Surat is also a major industrial center in India. Surat is growing rapidly due to its proximity to the sea, port facilities, and easy access to the National Highway 8. The city is also close to the Western Ghats mountain range, which provides a scenic backdrop to the city.

Surat Real Estate : Market Summary

With businesses across sectors looking to expand, young professionals migrating to Surat for better career opportunities and a rapid increase in startups, the commercial real estate market has been gaining momentum since 2021. The residential real estate market is also booming like never before.

Don’t just keep on thinking whether to invest or not…invest now, even if the property is not on a central location or even if the property is in the outskirts, since the last decade’s analysis shows that Surat’s real estate market has undergone an upward shift in the past few years and it will only grow on from now.

Trends in Surat :

According to recent data, new commercial project registrations in Surat rose by 24% to 213 in 2021-22, against 171 in 2020-21.

Of these, 60 new commercial projects were registered in Surat alone — up 15% from FY 2021 — the highest increase in the city.

real estate Advisor Cum Strategist Hirav Shah attributes the growth in demand to better confidence among businesses and concrete plans for growth and expansion after covid cases began to decrease.

Hirav Shah has further added, “As industries and corporates are bullish on expansion plans, the need for commercial property is swimming upstream. This includes office space. This also includes retail and showroom spaces. The only way retail growth is underlined is to expand the brand’ geographical footprint.

Moreover, as Surat expands with new town planning schemes in place, the need for residential and commercial real estate in new areas goes hand in hand.

According to a recent study, investments worth Rs 5,010 crore have taken place in new commercial real estate projects across Gujarat in 2021-22, up 13% from Rs 4,436 crore in 2020-21. Of total investments, the lion’s share or Rs 1844 crore, are in the Surat commercial real estate market alone.

As far as housing real estate is concerned, the starting price of properties in Surat is Rs. 114 per sqft and the average price of properties in Surat is Rs. 4,483 per sqft. Price trend recommends both buying properties for sale and selling properties in Surat is profitable at the moment. At this very moment. Yes, now…

Real Estate Statistics-Men Vs Women

For housing, single women are driving the demand with as many as 60% of them planning property purchase after acquiring financial independence, show the findings of a recent study.

Men vs women: Trends in 2022 (Investment Choice & property Buying Preferences)

Men vs women: Trends in 2022 (Investment Choice & Property Buying Preferences)

Age Group Male % Female %
18-24 25 25
25-34 56 60
35-44 9 10
45-54 5 7
55-64 4 5
65+ 2 1

Forecast to 2022-2023:

Latest price movement in Surat is a wonderful indicator for investors or end-users on the direction where the residential and commercial property market in Surat is moving. It is important to understand such trends about the price of properties in Surat before buying or investing.

As per Astrology, the Lord of the fourth house and Lagan and its Lord are significant factors that depict the future of the possession of your property. Also , play a governing role, are other planets, such as Rahu, Saturn, Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Moon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top price trends data of Surat for affordable and luxury investment ?

Properties listed for sale in Surat are 4490. Starting price stands at Rs. 114 per sqft. The price of properties in Surat is Rs. 4,483 per sqft. on average. The most costly property listed in Surat is priced at Rs. 35,000 per sqft.

Which are the top 3 Best High Rise Residential Societies For Living in Surat ?

Ashirwad Palace, Jeevkar Nagar, Celebrity Greens, Vesu and Happy Home Excelencia, Vesu.

Is Surat good for living ?

The municipality of Surat is the richest in India, as it used to be the highest tax paying city in the Country.

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