At present, the field of politics is no doubt the most challenging and interesting and attracts thousands of people. Be it any country in the west or east, the arena of politics has great competition. Several lures are there in politics as a career that served to be the major reason why someone gets attracted towards this field. These include money, power, fame, name etc. However, in addition to the desire of a person to become successful in politics, there is requirement of backing from stars as well in his birth chart.

In this field, there is major role of planets such as Jupiter, Sun, Rahu, Mars and Saturn etc. When it comes to the scenario of politics, it is found that success of a person is edged by Rahu. This is also vital for survival of the candidate at present in arena of politics.

As per the astro-strategist and political astrologer Hirav Shah, different planets have different roles in this field that are must to consider such as:

Role of planet Sun:

A person gets attracted towards politics as a career when the Sun is strong and placed well. It also helps the person to get fame and name in this field. For making the person a true leader, there is crucial role of planet Sun. For getting success in political career, following conditions are considered:

  • Position of sun in exaltation sign
  • Position of strong sun in 10th and 9th houses
  • Sun in the Navamsa chart or in the own sign
  • Sun placed in the trine or square house
Role of planet Jupiter:

In the present time, it is a rare sight to find a politician having clean and strong Jupiter. There are high chances for the person to enter in the field of politics when position of planet Jupiter is in trine or square house. However, it is difficult to find Jupiter that is powerful and clean and is connected with the 11th and 2nd houses of the native as well.

Role of planet Mars:

Two qualities are there that are most important for the person to become good politician. These are Selfless leadership and sheer courage and no other planet can provide these qualities than Mars that is free from affliction. For this reason, it is important for the person who is expecting to make bright career in politics to have affliction free Mars so that he/she can sincerely serve the masses.

Role of planet Rahu:

The role of planet Rahu in political career at present is getting more crucial compared to other planets. One might find it difficult to imagine that a selfless and fair person get political success. In the present day scenario, things are entirely different and planet rahu is required for success in this case.

Role of planet Saturn:

A poor, downtrodden person can be uplifted to influential and strong positions in politics by strong and well-connected Saturn.

These are the impacts that different planets have in making a person successful in political career.

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