Politics is one such field that attracts several people nowadays and this is the reason why opportunities in this arena are searched a lot. This serves to be the only profession in which one can earn respect, money, wealth, fame, prosperity as well as power. However, not everyone can get success in this highly competitive and challenging field. There are some specific quality traits that one must possess for becoming successful in political field. These are skills like good orator, wisdom, courage, communication proficiency, leadership, domination, diplomatic vision etc.

How to know if you will get success in politics?

There are some houses having significant role in deciding whether a person can get success in politics or not such as first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh , ninth and  tenth.

1st house:
Personality of a person is represented by this house and this is the reason why it serves to be the major house for deciding success in political career as per astro-strategist and political astrologer Shri Hirav Shah.

2nd house:
The vani or speech is represented by this house. It is fact that for success, a politician needs to have tone that is pleasantly impressive and speech clarity and this is the reason why role of this planet is important.

3rd house:
The ability of decision making or thinking capability of a person is known to be connected with this house. At the time of decision making, the leader’s talent in taking daring steps is denoted by this house’s strength since it is the courage house.

4th house:
The people residing in this world are represented by this house. This is the reason why for any politician, there is high importance of the relation with this house since for becoming politician, votes given by people are important.

5th house:
This is the house that is known to represent comforts, kingship, wisdom and luxury.

6th house:
For getting success in the field of politics, some important factors are litigation, service, completion and enemy and all these are represented by 6th house. This is the reason why there is great importance of this house as well. A person is like to get fame in the public when he/she does not have any type of self-interest while helping others.  

9th house:
This is the house that represents fortune and is therefore important for success in political career.

10th house:
In the horoscope of every person, this is the house of profession and career i.e. karma. The person can get easily connected to politics or governance if 10th house planet is high or its lord is exalted.  The factors such as ruler ship, fame in public and power are also represented by this house and this is the reason why for all those who wants to attain political success, this house has significant role.

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How to get success in politics?

These are the houses and their role in astrology indicating career of the person in politics. If you are in this exciting field of politics but finding it hard to get success that you deserve then you should seek guidance from highly reputable astro-strategist and political astrologer Shri Hirav Shah. He has already helped a number of politicians get fame and name in this dynamic field. If you also want to seek some advice on how to get success in politics, then you should get in touch with him now!

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