Negative stress is any type of stress that causes us to feel bad. It’s often caused by things we see, hear, smell, taste, touch, or think about. Negative stress can cause physical symptoms, such as headaches, stomachaches, muscle tension, and insomnia.

In the fast-paced, highly competitive world, it’s crucial to talk about the impact of stress that has become a major concern for many people across the globe. Business Transformation Leader Hirav Shah discusses the impact of chronic stress and shares a technique that will help keep your body relaxed.

What Is Negative Stress?

Negative stress is anything that makes us feel bad. It can be something we see, hear, or smell, or even something we think about. It can also be an emotion, like anger, sadness, or fear.

Addressing the issues related to chronic stress, Business Enhancement Expert Hirav Shah Opines- “Short-term stress is actually good for your overall health and growth, but the issue arises when it becomes chronic. Chronic stress leads to higher levels of adrenaline and cortisol in your body.

The estrogen level rises while testosterone falls, and you are in a fight and flight response that is not meant to last for a long period of time. If you stay in the fight and flight mode for a longer duration, it can adversely affect your health. Hirav also adds that- A better diet, sleep hygiene, or even regular exercise cannot undo the damage that stress does to your body.

Hirav Shah has also suggested that you should know how to build inner peace, learn how to relax, slow down so that at least your cortisol and adrenal come down even when the stress still exists.

Hirav has strongly recommended the following technique that will help you relax:

1) Prepare A Playlist

Prepare about four to five playlists of tracks that you really like- A playlist could have songs that remind you of your childhood or even your teenage years. Another one could be your most favorite inspiring songs and so on.

2) Listen Before Going To Bed

Now, listen to the songs right before you pack off for your bed at night. Listen to the songs with mindfulness. Try to connect with the tune, music, rhythm vocals, arrangement, counter music and basically everything. Try to immerse yourself fully into it. You can actually play one playlist per day.

Benefits of Negative Stress :

The very act of listening to the music that you like will alleviate your cortisol and adrenaline levels, Tells Hirav Shah. If a song sends you to nostalgia, it is also making your brain think and exercise, which is good.

Moreover, with this technique, you will be able to regenerate neurons in your mind and at the same time integrate emotion, feeling, frequency, vibration, and rhythm. This is a super powerful way for relaxation. The kind of healing you create in your body through music is extraordinarily exceptional,” Hirav adds.

He further said that you can do this exercise or listen to your playlist of songs even while you are on a flight or in your car. Just do it with mindfulness. The onus is on you to keep your body relaxed, he added.

Final Thoughts:

In this article, Hirav Shah says- you need to stop looking at stress as something negative. Stress is good, Hirav adds, explaining that it is a survival mechanism built into us.

However, the issue is everyone sees stress as something negative which builds a negative feeling, experience, behavior towards it- Hirav Concludes, adding that people must take steps to avoid chronic stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can food reduce the negative effects of stress ?

Yes, it can. Like you got to reduce sugar intake and add organic items in your meals.

How can a student overcome stress?

By getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising.

Can love relieve stress ?

Getting a hug from a loved one can help relieve stress.