What is the purpose of life? For ages, that has puzzled philosophers, theologians, and common people for centuries. In this article, we explore the idea of purpose in life to find out meaning in life and how it can guide us on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. Join us to uncover the secrets to living a meaningful and purposeful life.

Meaning of life : Questions To Help Find Your Purpose In Life

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Meaning of life is the Purpose of making us happy in life

We often make that simple four-letter word difficult. Do you know why we feel it’s complicated? Just because we mistake it for struggles, hard work and failure. We waste our precious time on irrelevant topics and unworthy emotions. There are so many things that do not make us happy, we still do them. Why? If it’s not having a purpose of making us happy in life then why are we holding them back? In fact, why would anyone want to keep it that way?

Importance of Time in life : Tomorrow will never come

Celebrated Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah says, “Youth passes by in a flash. We have time now, but we don’t value it. And before we realise it, the clock runs out. It’s the same 24 hours for everybody, but the important thing is how we invest these hours in the right way. Many of us do not use our time appropriately, and later we blame life for not giving us what we want. This is mostly wasted in indecisiveness, and complaining all the time. Also at criticizing others and being largely defeated by our own sloth. Like many of you, must have heard yourself saying, “I will do it tomorrow.” Maybe tomorrow will never come. Everyone has so much on their bucket list, but when it’s time to focus, we say we’re going to start from tomorrow!

Purpose of life is to Make memories now

Shah adds, “This is a natural human behaviour that each of us confronts at multiple intervals. Our laziness is high, and our resolve is poor. There is a lack of determination. Because we’re not looking at the bigger picture as a whole.

Every day is a very precious day that never comes back. The date once gone can never be regained. Only your efforts and hard work will help you treasure this period forever. Life is too short to be sad, unhappy, and dissatisfied. The true purpose of life is to fulfil all your desires and achieve your goals with zero regrets. And of course, the main goal is to stay happy all the time. But most people are dissatisfied with life, you know why? Because you dream about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. While we forget that a lot of people dream of life just like ours.”

Many kids for example often fantasise about flying the plane they see from the terrace. While many pilots may be wishing to be reunited with their families. There is a reason for everyone’s life. If we didn’t have a mission in life, none of us would be where we are right now. Some people achieve their goals quickly. While others take years, and some people never get out of their remorse and laziness.

It’s your life, and only you can get a better understanding of it. You have the power to make it meaningful and enjoyable. You must learn to live in the present moment, now, and appreciate the little pleasures of everyday life. When seen through the eyes of a beautiful mind and soul, these little things bring more happiness. And you know that the most precious memories are still felt in your heart rather than physically touched. Make memories now when you still have the opportunity, because later there will be nothing left but guilt and regret.”

Final Words

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “Life is a simple yet beautiful thing that you will cherish throughout your life. Nothing is left once it is gone. You can’t go anywhere because despair and sorrow have taken over. Life is meant to be lived in the present honestly, joyfully, and with love. Love your life, and it will definitely return the favour. Learn to be content with your current situation and set goals for yourself today. Start taking actions towards a better LIFE.