Building mental strength is no small task. It’s not something you get to check off a list at the end of the day.

It takes time. It requires that you put yourself out there in the elements where you cannot protect yourself, can’t complain about everything that’s happening to you, can’t run back to your comfort zone.
It takes guts.

But — what you get from dedicating yourself to it is priceless. Mental strength will help you deal with life, with other people, with challenging situations at work or in your personal life. That’s why the sooner you start working on it, the faster you’ll notice the results.

Here are five ways to increase mental strength in 2023, as outlined by Reputed Business Enhancement Expert Of India,

1.Train yourself to nurture a growth mindset

If you’ve adopted a fixed mindset, you think being successful and mentally strong is due to good genes, a particular talent or gift, or something you are born with (or not lucky to be born with).

Learn How to use the law of attraction in daily life. The primary natural law behind the Law of Attraction is that if you put yourself deeper into your ambitions or what you want to happen, the more real they will be and the faster you will achieve them. You need to think about them regularly and consciously. Of course, this is only the idea.

Succeeding means being “perfect” every time, achieving results easily and effortlessly without ever experiencing any type of setback. Excellent way to set yourself up for disappointment with this way of thinking!

If your focus is on being mentally strong, it’s wiser to expect a challenge and prepare for it, and that’s where having a growth mindset can prove helpful.

A growth mindset person doesn’t think that success is being the best — they believe success is doing their best.

2. Use every obstacle you encounter to your advantage

How often have you told yourself, If only I didn’t run out of time, I could’ve finished that research paper? Or, If only I wasn’t invited to my friend’s house, I wouldn’t have eaten so much food and forgotten all about my diet?

In those moments when you’re trying to rationalize your decisions and actions, you’re blaming the obstacles for not achieving your short or long-term goals. Few powerful keys to heal yourself from this impossible is to overcome. The past is gone; just live in today. Always know the fact that the quality of your life has been the quality of your decisions.

To put it differently, you’re giving them top priority and more importance than anything you can do or change with your behavior. But what if obstacles were to serve a different purpose in your life?

Instead of using them as an excuse to avoid something or even to quit something, it’s more beneficial to use them to your advantage.

3. Don’t resist the unexpected; go with the flow

It’s a normal thing to encounter unexpected situations in life. More often than not, our week takes a different turn from what we imagined it would be.

You think you have ten days to complete a project and then suddenly the project manager informs you there are only three days to finish everything. You meet a friend for coffee and what you thought would be an enjoyable chat turns into several hours of them crying about a relationship.

You’re careful with your finances this year and save enough to pay off credit card debt and then a forgotten bill that’s past due shows up out of nowhere.

Regardless of the situation, the last thing you should do is let your emotions take over. It’s much better to go with the flow, even if it feels uncomfortable.

4. Self-discipline

There’s something about the words “self-discipline” that upsets people. Does it sound like a punishment to you?

Self-discipline is a positive thing. It’s about focusing your energies on an outcome you want — to increase your writing skills, improve your physical strength, or keep yourself on track with a new habit that will make you feel proud.

What’s at the core of self-discipline? It’s knowing how to postpone things that are more pleasurable and take care of the essentials FIRST. This practice actually yields long-term benefits.

5. Repeat, repeat, repeat

Mental strength doesn’t just appear in your life one day, nor does it last one day. It’s important to keep up the progress you’re making over an extended period of time.

What’s the point of doing something meaningful right now and then letting yourself go in the next three weeks? If you do that, you’ll lose momentum, get complacent or just plain lazy, even worse — you’ll forget how confident you felt when you overcame that initial obstacle.

That’s why it is critical to keep at it and hold yourself accountable every step of the way.

But, how can you do it?

Wondering ??

Be smart with your time — plan everything out. Try out the bullet journal method and track your goals in one notebook.

If you feel that you tend to procrastinate and get distracted by Twitter, Instagram, or the news which prevents you from achieving something important, your bullet journal will make it impossible to use these external factors as an excuse.


Because you’ll have to visually track your progress by checking off every single item for the day, week, and month. And if you don’t? You’ll have to carry the uncompleted task over to the next day or week. In other words, you cannot ignore it.

Final Thoughts

An element of uncertainty and grey areas as to reasons for its spread and cannot always be traced to how one contracts it, what with mutations of the virus and new information coming in on the ways of spread.

When there is a uncertain situation in the community and while the fight is still on, Business Advisor Of International Repute and Noted Business Transformation Expert, Hirav Shah’s above mentioned Mantra, is certainly going to help the community and the society at large, to enhance their mental strength.